The centralized management application of home automation systems

Home automation interface DO.App DOVIT

A graphical management interface

DO.App is designed based on the end-user's actual requirements and tought to manage all the technology present in a building, regardless of the brand or protocols used for the installation.

An ergonomic interface

DO.App allows you to navigate, including remotely, by virtually interacting with each function through an intuitive and customizable interface, with animated expressive icons, room photos, and plan views.

Supervision, planning, scenario

DO.App allows you to control, supervise and program according to a given schedule, all the domotics functions (like scenarios, events, logics, etc.), all the functions of lighting installations, thermoregulation, engines, security, video surveillance , audio / video and multimedia, video door phone, photovoltaic installations, energy and consumption meters, access and passage control, fire fighting systems.



Maximum security, data confidentiality, immediate and bidirectional management (order and feedback): a touch is sufficient to connect to the installation (cloud not necessary)


Connection and multi-user management simultaneously via a TCP / IP network


Compatibility with smart TVs, smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android), Windows computers, Mac OS and Linux (via web browser)


Desktop application

DO.App is available as an application for all desktop systems: Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

The DO.App interface via desktop app has all the features, including bidirectionality and push notifications. It is the ideal interface for supervision from a workstation. This solution is also suitable for the centralized management of a hotel lobby or the concierge of a residence and wherever it is necessary to unify and centralize (on one or more stations) the management of all technical installations.

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Applicatif domotique desktop