Dovit, a team of experts to accompany you on all your smart home projects

As home automation experts, we accompany you from the study of your smart project to its implementation

In today’s fast-changing world, home automation is emerging as the future of our habitats thanks to its simplicity.

Private individuals, architects, property developers, installers… Our daily endeavour is to help you design smart homes and buildings with a modern and pragmatic vision of technology; an urban vision anchored in its time and always visionary.

Directeur General Dovit
Patrice Waltzing

General director

Silvio Grauso Dovit
Silvio Grauso

Research and development director

Giovanni Grauso Dovit
Giovanni Grauso

Technical director

Jean-Francois Rouwette

Project director

Olivier Dardar

Technical sale representative

Cyprien Saniard
Technical sale representative
Leonardo Tajariol Dovit
Leonardo Tajariol
Technical sale representative
Donia Soltana

Back office manager

Regina Pich Dovit
Regina Pich-Aguilera

Operations manager

Financial Controller
Riccardo Guarnieri

Financial director

Olivier Caron Dovit
Olivier Caron

Logistic support

Nicola Valcasara Dovit
Nicola Valcasara

UIX developer

Fabrizio Mazzurana

Product developer

Romy Ambroso Dovit
Romy Ambroso

Back office manager

Orlane Francois

Marketing manager

Davide Ferrise

Financial controller

Andrea Burato Dovit
Andrea Burato

Technical support

Aiman Hammou Dovit
Aiman Hammou

Product developer

Riccardo Tomelleri

Product developer

Mattia Pase
Mattia Pase

Product developer