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A smart and connected access control system to identify all your visitors

Create and adjust locking scenarios, react instantly to events, open your doors quickly and activate your alarm system automatically after leaving your home. Control all access to your smart home from anywhere with our smart solution.


Verify the identity of all visitors before giving them access to your home.

Video doorkeeper remote control

Remotely control the comings and goings of anyone who visits your home.

Intercom with touch controls

Bluetooth access

Access badge

Biometric recognition

Control for other secondary entrances

Remote control of other connected locks

Management of remote access codes

...And more!

Interact with your visitors from anywhere with the smart videophone

With the Access Pack and the associated videophone, you control access to your smart home. Its integration into our complete home automation system will allow you to be informed in real time when someone rings your doorbell. 


The videophone box is installed outside with a call button and a camera. This allows you to see and interact with your visitors in real time. Whether you are at home or at a distance, you have the ability to see and respond to who comes to your door. 


Wherever you are, reinforce the security of your connected home and restrict access. Receive alerts on your home automation screen and app when someone rings your doorbell.

A wired videophone for more reliability and security

Our access control solution is equipped with a wired videophone that allows you to connect your home to your gate via a wired network. This type of installation makes it the most reliable videophone on the market. Because the different components are interconnected, the videophone also works perfectly outdoors.


This intercom model is suitable for buildings with several flats. Different ring tones are assigned to each resident and the wired connection avoids frequency confusion. The wired videophone covers a very large area. There are no charging problems with the power supply.

porte d'entrée visiophone filaire
entrée maison lecteur biométrique

Create smart and personalised scenarios with a biometric reader

Go one step further and install a biometric reader at the entrance to your smart home. The biometric reader recognises up to 99 fingerprints and offers you the possibility to start various smart scenarios based on the recognised fingerprint.


For example, program the lights in the living room, deactivate your connected alarm and receive an SMS to your smartphone as soon as your child comes home from school.

Connected access control for management

Are you a condominium manager, the owner of several flats or buildings with several businesses, the operator of coworking spaces or a medical practice? With its connected doorkeeper, Dovit ensures the implementation of a secure and connected access control system for all residents.

Install a badge reader, camera or touch screen to facilitate access to the building for residents.

Remotely change residents’ names easily when they exit their home.

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