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Dovit, a wired home automation solution and design products for all your smart home and smart building projects.

Give a brain to your home and make it more comfortable, safe and energy efficient.

Dovit, a home automation company, manufacturer of smart products for your home

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Puristic and
design products

Enjoy a smart home installation with a clean and elegant look that will fit any interior style. Customise your smart home to perfection with our designer switches and touch-sensitive control screens.

A simple app with a user-friendly interface

Manage all your smart home and connected equipment from a single, simple and user-friendly app. Quickly and easily create home automation scenarios to automate the recurring tasks of your daily life.

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All in a compatible smart home

The Dovit home automation solution is compatible and open to other protocols. Upgrade your smart home with fully communicating products and control all your home automation equipment locally or remotely.

Create home automation scenarios quickly and easily

Home Smart Home with the creation of personalized scenarios for your home!

With a Dovit home automation installation, bring your home to life. Your smart home adapts to the habits, personal preferences and daily routines of all members of your family.

Save time and let your connected home react instantly and automatically to any change in environment or mood!

A home automation company for tailor-made smart home and smart building projects

We are a manufacturer of an evolutionary and ergonomic home automation system, with security and reliability as major characteristics.

We offer an all-in-one, ultra-intuitive and scalable wired cloud-free Smart Home solution for connected homes and buildings.

Our intelligent system is open-source and guarantees high compatibility and freedom of application. 

A smart home solution such as ours offers more functionalities and evolution. Its interface is intuitive and fully customizable.

The installation of a wired home automation system is more secure. Our solution does not use radio waves, so it is impossible to hack and has no range problems.

The same as with a wireless home automation system! And at Dovit, we build tailor-made smart home and smart building projects to meet all your needs. 

At Dovit, we build your smart home and smart building projects according to your needs. We compose a connected home that looks like you by choosing the Packs and products that are best adapted to your projects.

Our home automation solution is evolutionary! You don’t have to install everything at once, but it is better to anticipate before your construction or renovation plans. It is advisable to install a home automation system in a house during its construction or during a major renovation.

You are a home automation installer or integrator and would like to provide your customers with a reliable wired home automation solution? Become a Dovit Partner and get free training on our system. 

You will have access to a dedicated personal space. In case of need, we accompany you on the study and the realization of your customers’ projects.

As a manufacturer, we do not sell directly to private individuals. We work with a large network of partners who are experts in home automation to make your home a true design and evolutionary smart home.

Contact us and we will send you the contact details of installers in your area who are trained to use our solution.

Need a personalized smart home solution? An expert will call you back!

Complete the form and a Dovit home automation expert will call you back for free to discuss your smart project.

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