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Optimal security for your home with home automation

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Detectors and video surveillance, a comprehensive smart solution to reinforce your security

Security and home automation for optimal protection! Our smart solution is designed to intelligently identify and discourage threats around your smart home.

Intrusion detector

Thanks to opening and movement detectors, you can monitor your entire smart home remotely while you are away.

Fire detector

With a home automation installation, you can be warned, wherever you are, as soon as smoke breaks out in your home.

Surveillance cameras

You have received a notification or you have a doubt about what is happening in your home, reassure yourself by consulting your surveillance cameras from the Do.App.

Presence simulation and deterrence

Danger alerts on the smartphone

Peripheral detection from outside

Gas detection

Flood detection

Notifications in case of danger

Indoor surveillance camera

Night vision camera

Video recording and replay

...And more!

Avoid any risk of intrusion into your smart home thanks to the motion detectors

Securing your family and your property is a priority. With the Dovit home automation solution and the Security Pack, equip the exterior and interior of your home for optimal security.


Set up a security zone around your smart home. At the slightest suspicious movement, an audible or visual alarm is triggered to dissuade potential burglars.


With the motion detectors, select the areas of your home that you want to secure and deactivate the rooms you are in.


All detection alerts are managed from your Do.App so you can act as quickly and easily as possible.

Smoke detectors and home automation for optimum security in your home

The smart fire detector informs you directly on your home automation app as soon as a fire breaks out in your home.


No matter where you are, you will be alerted when a smoke signal is detected. The alarm can be interrupted at the touch of a button and remotely.


In the event of a fire, program a series of actions: automatic activation of air extraction systems, closing of fire doors and switching on of all lights to wake up the residents and facilitate evacuation.


Take it a step further and install gas or flood detectors to avoid all risks in your connected home.

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caméra de surveillance domotique

Equip your home with a home automation system with video surveillance for even more security

Improve the security of your home with a home automation installation and a video surveillance system. Thanks to the home automation cameras, you can keep an eye on the place to be monitored from the Dovit App. 


Depending on the settings and your preferences, the connected alarms inform you in real time of the comings and goings in front of your house and allow you to monitor it remotely with your smartphone.

A wired and compatible home automation solution

With an indoor or outdoor IP camera, you can monitor your entire home remotely. With a simple click, the connected camera displays your video streams on your smartphone. See everything that happens in your home live.


Our home automation system is compatible with a wide range of security brands. This means you can choose the model of your surveillance cameras.

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A smart security system using home automation scenarios to simulate your presence

Going on holiday? Don’t let anyone know! Create home automation scenarios to simulate your presence in your home while you are away.

Program your lights to turn on and off at different times of the day and night. Open your blinds every morning at the time you normally get up and close them every evening as if you were at home. With a smart TV, turn on and start a movie or music.

The scenarios in your connected home make it easy to imitate your daily routine.

In the event of a break-in, you can trigger alarm scenarios in addition to the alarm to deter intruders. For example, switch on the lights, raise the blinds and turn on the music.

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