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Here's a photo of our Dovit home automation server in KNX version, our DO.Touch screen, our DO.Tatto touch switches, and our Dovit thermostats in sand, white, and black tones.
The Dovit Smart Home solution merges with the KNX protocol. Discover how the KNX server, the KNX touch keypad, our touchscreen, and the application create a perfect ecosystem for managing your KNX Smart Home with ease, centrally and remotely.

The Dovit Smart Home solution has been merging with the KNX protocol since 2020 for an even more extraordinary user experience. Discover how the KNX server, the KNX touch keypad, our touchscreen, and the application create a perfect ecosystem for managing your KNX Smart Home with ease and in a centralized manner.

DO.KNX – the KNX server, the ultimate expression of flexibility and performance

Our DO.KNX server, the heart of a KNX Smart Home ecosystem, ensures immediate communication between all connected devices and allows for easy management of all the functions of a home automation system. Thanks to accessories and expansion licenses, it’s possible to manage most subsystems of a modern and smart building, including lighting, the anti-intrusion system, access control, smart thermostats, the irrigation system, monitoring and management of energy consumption, as well as photovoltaic production, charging stations, multimedia entertainment, and much more.

Our server, beyond KNX, supports standard protocols such as Zigbee, ModBus, Dali, Dmx, etc., as well as the most widespread proprietary technologies on the market. Moreover, it allows for the customization of automation processes in a Smart Home according to one’s own needs and to add others in the future.

Technical description: KNX IP and TP unit for management, supervision, and universal integration. Includes up to 200 points (expandable up to 5,000) and up to 6 simultaneous IP client connections (expandable up to 32), regardless of the number of user profiles and authorized devices (such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, touch screens, etc.).

DO.Tatto – the smart and stylish KNX touch keypad

The KNX touch keypads, also available with integrated temperature and humidity sensors for HVAC control, are made of tempered glass and can be integrated into any new or existing KNX home automation system. The DO.Tatto KNX keypads revolutionize the way we interact with our homes: they allow total control over a multitude of functions, from lighting and shutter management to multimedia, anti-intrusion, air conditioning, and much more.

The KNX touch keypad is available in three colors (white, black, and sand) and in two sizes (square and rectangular). Thanks to its elegant and timeless design, it matches any decor style. Fully dimmable, it allows for the adjustment of light intensity to suit living environments and needs. The light intensity and all parameters can be programmed via the bus with group objects and thus can also be linked to scenarios or time schedules. The “Ghost” mode makes the icons disappear, which reactivate upon touch or thanks to an integrated proximity sensor.

The icons are customizable, and from a single keypad, it’s possible to program, in addition to simple touches, other prolonged pressure commands and two palm-activated commands, both with quick and prolonged pressure.

The KNX keypad also allows for the management of temperature and humidity.

In the square version (85×85 mm), the touch keypad is configurable in 1, 2, 4, and 6 commands. It is also available with an integrated temperature and humidity sensor.

In the rectangular version (125×85 mm), the touch keypad is configurable in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9 commands. This version is also available with an integrated temperature and humidity sensor.

The smart KNX thermostat seamlessly integrates into the range of touch keypads, enabling temperature and humidity detection and management directly from an integrated mini display.

It features the option to connect with a remote probe or a window contact for optimized energy management. In addition to the menu button for accessing thermostat functions, it has 3 freely programmable commands for managing lights, motors, or other elements.

Thermostat connecté dovit Do.Tatto

DO.App – the most user-friendly application for managing a KNX Smart Home

Accessible from touchscreens, tablets, or smartphones, the DO.App graphical interface centralizes the management of the Smart Home from a single application – even remotely. Customizable and perfectly compatible with the KNX standard, it becomes possible to manage all the functions of a KNX Smart Home or Smart Building in an extremely intuitive way with just a simple touch: lighting, air conditioning, multimedia, anti-intrusion system, access control, motorizations, irrigation, and much more.

application ecran dovit

Available for both Android and iOS, it allows for the creation of custom scenarios (a sequence of events) quickly and easily, activating them with a simple touch or according to a schedule. With the “Coming Home” scenario, for example, which can also be activated remotely on your smartphone, the temperature is adjusted up (or down) by a few degrees, the shutters are raised, the driveway lighting increases in brightness, the entrance area lights turn on, and our favorite playlist begins to set the perfect atmosphere for our return home.

Technical information: Do.App is compatible with smart TVs, smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android), Windows computers, Mac OS, and Linux.

DO.Touch – interactive home automation touch screen

Our elegantly designed touch screen is fully compatible with a KNX home automation system and has been developed for immediate and native integration with the DO.App application. Being wall-mounted and wired, it ensures a stable connection without loss of charge.

Our DO.Touch touch screen range is available from 4″ up to 10″, also available with a semi-mirrored borderless effect.

Capture application DoApp dovit

The color, display, and brightness intensity of the lower light line and the 6 touch buttons are customizable. The 3 touch buttons below the light line are freely configurable (for scenarios or quick access to favorite sections of the interface).

When notifications are displayed on the screen (doorbell, alarm, etc.), the display color, as well as the type of display (steady, flashing, spreading), can automatically change. This way, the user is always aware of what is happening without having to turn on the display. A night mode is available to completely turn off the screen based on a set schedule – with a simple touch, the screen reactivates.

The brushed aluminum frame of the DO.Touch screen is of premium quality and very durable. Its finishes in 3mm thick black tempered glass with a smoked mirrored effect and fingerprint-resistant treatment provide a design surface that is easy to clean.

Technical information: Integrated SIP VoIP client with hands-free function for videophone functions. Interactive and luminous quick signaling bar (not available for the 4″ variant). Power supply 12-24 Vdc. Management of all home automation functions available on the D-BOX-UNIV control unit. Connection over DO.Net via IP (speed 1 Gbit/s).


KNX technology stands as a benchmark for the control of smart homes and buildings. Since 2020, Dovit has been developing KNX products to keep pace with the times and to meet the needs of an increasingly integrated market with various protocols. With Dovit, it’s possible to create an entire KNX ecosystem or expand an existing KNX home automation system.

The Dovit KNX system is scalable, ensuring that a Smart Home can evolve over time to adapt to the changing needs of the user. Therefore, it is possible to transform an old KNX installation with the Dovit system without changing the equipment, but simply by adding a Dovit server.


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