Home automation for an ultra-connected home

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Make all your connected equipment and services work together

Your home becomes a real connected house with home automation system! Make all your connected objects communicate with each other thanks to our smart solution Dovit and the IFTTT service.

Do.App, control application

Control all the connected objects and services of your smart home from a single application available on smart phone, screen and tablet.

Wireless device integration

Connect your wireless devices with licenses that are compatible with our solution.

Voice assistants (Google, Alexa)

Spotify connect


Notifications with Telegram


Artificial intelligence

Connection with external city services

Personalization of connected objects

...And more!

Interact with your home by synchronising your voice assistant with the DOVIT Smart Home!

A simple voice command will assist you in your daily tasks.


Thanks to the compatibility of our Dovit platform with the connected speakers Google Home and Amazon Alexa, you can control, among other things, the lighting in your home and your favourite scenarios by voice. 


With Alexa and Google Home, configure and manage your routines for an even more connected home. For example, if from the Dovit app the scenarios “close all the shutters” and “turn off all the lights” with the addition of a heating set point at 20° have been created, you will be able to link all these events with a single routine such as: “Alexa, I’m leaving” or “Ok Google, Good night”. All the scenarios linked to these events will then be triggered.

Receive live notifications from your smart home with Telegram

Telegram is an instant messaging app that can connect to your smart home and all its connected objects. 


Synchronised with Dovit, you can use it to receive all the notifications from your home automation system, such as notifications from the alarm system or your intercom. 


For example, receive push notifications directly on the Telegram App: “The alarm has been triggered!” or “Someone just rang your doorbell!”

An IFTTT home automation solution compatible with your connected objects

Easily control the connected objects in your smart home according to your needs and habits.


With the IFTTT (“If this, then that”) service, connect multiple devices and smart objects to synchronise their functions. 


All it takes is the right combination to unlock the full potential of your Smart Home.


For example, the “I’m coming home” scenario can start as soon as Google Map locates you near your home. Your lights can dim automatically as soon as you switch on TV. With IFTTT, you can link all kinds of products from different manufacturers.


Alternatively, an IFTTT connection can activate scenarios such as: As soon as I open my front door equipped with a connected lock (if that…), my Spotify playlist is played on my connected speakers and my lighting is dimmed (… so that).

Towards the Smart City with smarter buildings

To promote living together, our home automation system allows you to connect and control your smart neighbourhood with a variety of services.


Dovit offers turnkey solutions adapted to the needs of communities, bringing services closer to citizens.


With the concierge solution, you can subscribe to a wide range of services to improve the comfort of home residents. Perfectly integrated into a smart building, you can control and manage a multitude of services such as catering, sports activities, reservation of common areas, sharing of neighbourhood information, etc. 


Our solution is open source to speed up the deployment of your IoT applications. It is fully compatible with sensor technologies, network connectivity and business systems, providing you with centralised and simplified management of all smart city services.

The Ready To Services (R2S) label to promote connected buildings

The R2S (Ready To Services) label promotes projects for smart buildings and smart cities. Dovit is a founding member of the SBA (Smart Building Alliance) Luxembourg, a key player in the promotion and creation of connected buildings. This organisation brings together many national players around smart home, smart building and smart city projects to design the smart buildings of tomorrow.

To build or renovate a connected building, it is necessary to have the right home automation expert on your side. With the Dovit solution and its network of partners, all building automation requirements in a smart building are taken into account. To carry out a multi-protocol project of this scale, a home automation solution with a high level of interoperability is needed and our system integrates a wide range of protocols such as KNX, MODBUS or DALI.

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