Dovit Wireless: for a wireless and dust-free renovation

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A wireless smart home solution compatible with many connected devices

Less cables for renovation projects

Quick and easy installation

Flexible connectivity via multiple different IoT protocols

Wireless devices that easily integrate into your smart home

Dovit offers a 360° solution that supports many technologies to provide its users with a unique and unparalleled life experience.


Many other technologies can be easily and quickly integrated into your system thanks to the power of the software and the intelligent architecture of the Dovit server.

Ideal solution for modernization and renovation projects

We offer a specially developed wireless solution that enables automation in installations that may not have the possibility of running cables.


Our range of wireless products offers intuitive automation and control without compromising functionality.

Zigbee, the preferred wireless technology

Zigbee is the low-power wireless technology that complements WiFi technology to make your home more intelligent, safer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient. This protocol is based on proven technology currently used in millions of connected devices.


Zigbee 3.0 is the only complete, universal language IoT solution that allows smart objects to work together.


Our Smart Home solution is compatible with Zigbee certified devices.


You can choose from a wide range of devices and suppliers for your home or the Smart Home market.

Save energy in your Smart Home with the Zigbee hub

By using thermostatic valves in your Dovit home automation system, you monitor all your energy consumption and reduce unnecessary expenses.

As a Zigbee App, our Smart Home solution is able to collect all energy data from your Smart Home and then upload it to the DO.App application. This gives you valuable information on your energy consumption to optimize it.

Complete your home automation installation with a variety of wireless devices

Like a human nervous system, our server connects all devices to work together in a smart home or building. The server offers extensive features that can be added over time.

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ikea do.air
ikea do.air
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The most user-friendly application to control your WIRELESS system

Control, operate, and automate your installation with a simple and user-friendly application.

DO.Control, a compatible and scalable home automation server for all your smart projects

The Dovit smart home solution is compatible and open to other protocols. Evolve your smart home with fully communicating products and control all your home automation equipment locally or remotely.

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