DO.Tatto: Touch-Based Smart Home Switches

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Towards a Connected Home: DO.Tatto Switches in KNX and Dovit Versions

The DO.Tatto switches come in KNX and Dovit versions, offering a home automation solution for every need. The KNX version is ideal for users seeking extensive compatibility with standard home automation systems, while the Dovit version offers perfect integration within the Dovit ecosystem.

Integration with the Dovit Solution

The DO.Tatto switches are available in two distinct versions to cater to various home automation needs. The Dovit version is designed to seamlessly integrate with Dovit installations, ensuring perfect harmony within the brand’s home automation ecosystem. This ensures seamless integration and optimized usage for those who have already adopted or plan to adopt Dovit technology for their smart home.

The KNX Version of the DO.Tatto Switches

The KNX version of the DO.Tatto switches is specifically designed to work with the KNX BUS system, a global open standard for residential and commercial building management systems. This compatibility offers remarkable flexibility and allows the DO.Tatto switches to easily integrate into KNX-based home automation installations, thereby expanding the possibilities for customization and control in more complex and diverse smart home projects.

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Sleek-Designed Connected Switches for Your Smart Home

With DO.Tatto smart home switches, take full control of your connected home! Easily manage all aspects of your residence, from lighting to blinds, music, alarms, locks, temperature, and much more, all from a single DO.Tatto switch. Available in different colors and sizes, our switches seamlessly blend into your interior.


Say goodbye to unsightly rows of switches cluttering your walls. Centralize all room functions onto one switch, creating a clean and harmonious interior. The customization is endless: program up to 20 commands.


Choose the smart home switch that best suits your needs. Simplify your daily life and enjoy the comfort and convenience offered by our range of DO.Tatto switches for a connected home tailored to your preferences.

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Customize Your Smart Home with High-End Connected Switches

Configure your smart home according to your preferences, harmonizing every detail to match your lifestyle. Enjoy the comfort and ease of control that our connected switches offer while adding a touch of elegance to your smart home.

Leave nothing to chance and opt for excellence by choosing our high-end connected switches. Transform your home into a smart and modern space, where home automation merges with design for a distinctly friendly and tailored experience.

A Customizable Touch-Sensitive Tempered Glass Smart Switch

The DO.Tatto touch keypads are made from 4 mm tempered glass. These keypads boast unparalleled elegance and adapt to any interior design style. The perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and Italian design ensures an unmatched home automation experience with just a simple touch.


Play with the brightness intensity of your smart DO.Tatto switch

DO.Tatto embodies the perfect combination of timelessness, elegance, and innovation to create modern and sophisticated interiors.


Choose the brightness of the backlighting and icons to create the ambiance that suits you. With the “ghost” mode, the icons become invisible when the switch is not in use, adding a touch of discretion and finesse.


With the proximity sensor, the switch lights up as soon as your hand approaches. Program the brightness intensity of your switches from the wall touchscreen or the DO.App application.


Simplify your daily life by integrating DO.Tatto switches into your smart home. These connected switches give you total control over lighting, roller shutters, and much more.


Turn your home into a place where comfort and technology come together in perfect harmony. There’s definitely a DO.Tatto switch made for your smart home!

We Answer Your Questions

The Dovit version is optimized for Dovit home automation systems, ensuring seamless integration. Conversely, the KNX version is compatible with the KNX standard, providing flexibility for installations already equipped with the KNX BUS.

Yes, the DO.Tatto switches offer full customization of icons, allowing you to choose from an existing selection or create custom icons for intuitive identification of each command.

The DO.Tatto switches are designed for simple and quick installation, compatible with existing systems, whether it’s for the Dovit or KNX version, making their integration into your smart home effortless.

In addition to customizable icons, they offer centralization of multiple functions in a single device (e.g., blinds, lights, temperature), adjustable backlighting, “Ghost” and night modes, and a proximity sensor for optimized interaction.

Absolutely, the DO.Tatto keypads are designed to control scenarios. Thanks to complete control of all keypad functions via the communication BUS, it is possible to manage each function based on events, time of day (e.g., night mode), or scenarios in general.

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