The Dovit server for all your home automation installations

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An open server to match all smart home projects

Minimal wiring and maximum flexibility

A multi-protocol server compatible with many current and future protocols

A customisable home automation solution to design your own interface

A compatible and flexible server

DO.Control is the heart of our Smart Home system. It is compatible and works with a wide variety of products, including connected switches for lighting, openers, and thermostats. You can easily customize your home to meet your current needs and add more features later.


The software openness of Dovit products allows you to choose from a wide selection of compatible solutions. Our system guarantees a very quick integration of new devices and market standards while offering a very wide range of possible integrations.

One application for all functions

Whether you’re on your couch, shopping, or on vacation, DO.Control allows you to closely monitor your Smart Home. In addition to your intelligent system, you only need a smartphone or tablet to connect your server to your mobile devices. You can monitor individual functions as well as interconnected processes.


Control and manage your Smart Home with the touch of a finger. The DO.App allows you to control and manage all the activity in your home. User-friendly and simple, you can fully customize the interface. The application is available in many languages.


With the creation of scenarios in the app, you can manage your smart home yourself, adjust settings at any time, or integrate new functions.

No cloud with the Dovit home automation server

Your home, your data.


Your Smart Home keeps your data where it should be: on your Dovit server. So, DO.Control is the central device – the brain – of your connected home, where your data is stored and processed.


Unlike other systems like IFTTT, Siri, or Alexa, there is no storage or processing of data in the cloud. Sensitive data, such as the number of people in the house, schedules, camera images, alarm system status, etc., remain your sole property.


DO.Control communicates locally with your connected products and objects.

Integrate the most widespread protocols on the market and open up the field of possibilities with Wireless

For more advanced services, such as concierge services or Smart City services, Dovit has software customization support to interconnect and centralize third-party APIs on the DO.App application!

A single server to control your entire smart home

As a human nervous system, DO.App connects all devices to work together in a smart home or building. The server offers advanced features that can be added over time.



Air conditioning



Energy management


Presence simulator

Remote access

Call service



Multiroom audio

Access control

Connected objects

Dovit Server

DO.Control integration server is a powerful and flexible tool, especially suitable for those who want to carry out a custom home automation integration for their projects, optimizing costs without sacrificing a professional product, scalable with the possibility of updates and extensions to integrate functions and services that will be developed in the future.

Success story d'une solution filaire sur un de nos projets avec un BUS Dovit

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