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Padenghe sul Garda (BS)
The HPA project, an exclusive residence on the shores of Lake Garda in Padenghe (BS), had a very ambitious goal: to develop an integrated control system to manage not only the individual houses in all the traditional aspects related to comfort and home entertainment, but also all the services offered by the structure. With the help of DOVIT, Prestige Living has achieved this goal!

The HPA Gardalake project

The HPA Gardalake project, an exclusive residence on the shores of Lake Garda in Padenghe (BS) 🌅, had an ambitious goal: to develop an integrated control system to manage not only the individual houses in all the traditional aspects related to comfort and home entertainment but also all the services offered by the establishment, easily accessible to each user, whether locally or remotely.

The challenge was to implement a control system capable of serving an international clientele through a multilingual and user-friendly interface, both for managing individual apartments by their owners and guests, as well as for the entire residential complex by internal staff. 🏠🌍


The system integrator ➡️ Prestige Living

Carlo Abbondati, Prestige Living

Carlo Abbondati is the face of Prestige Living, the company that brought the home automation system of the entire HPA complex and each individual apartment to life. 🏡

Prestige Living designs and implements residential and commercial home automation systems. 💼 They leverage the most advanced technologies on the market to meet the specific needs of each client. With over ten years of experience, their team delivers tailor-made solutions, handling the entire process from needs analysis to installation and after-sales support. They pay particular attention to aesthetics and design. 🌟

Prestige Living and Dovit for the HPA Residence

In the case of HPA, we really let our team express all its talent. The first contact with the owner happened at an event in Desenzano sul Garda. We set up a demonstration stand there with various systems managed via the DOVIT control platform,” Carlo Abbondati recalls.

Speaking with the project director – who is also the owner – Giancarlo Parolini, we discovered that he was not entirely satisfied with the home automation system installed in the first apartment completed at HPA. It didn’t really allow for customization according to his specific requests. Shortly after, we decided to create a demonstration apartment to showcase the professional skills of our team and to provide a closer look at our customized control system. 🧠

Dovit and Prestige Living invested 6 months and significant financial resources to achieve this goal. But customer satisfaction and finalizing the agreement for the development of the entire HPA complex were a real reward. 🏆

From design to the satisfaction of the condominium owners

In the realization and design of the project, the first key step was to set up an optical fiber network (approximately 2 km) to enable communication between the different apartments and the condominium system. This required establishing rules to ensure proper information distribution. The installation posed a challenge because the pre-existing electrical infrastructures were based on a different system, necessitating adjustments to meet our requirements. In terms of programming, we had to showcase our best expertise, as the customization requests for each apartment and interaction with the entire system were particularly demanding.

We’ve been using this product for over 15 years. Our experience, combined with the support provided by DOVIT for necessary adaptations and integrations, has been crucial to the success of the project,” says Carlo Abbondati. “The DOVIT platform has proven to be a flexible, stable, and cost-effective tool for developing the HPA system, offering a limitless solution to meet customer demands.”

Condominium owners quickly felt comfortable and fully exploited the system’s capabilities. The multilingual features 💬 were particularly appreciated, allowing users to navigate comfortably through the control interface, available in seven languages. They can also manage home appliances and condominium services intelligently, directly from their personal devices.

prestige living HPA Dovit

The HPA complex, luxurious and exclusive

Lake, Luxury, Life… These are the three concepts that accurately capture the essence of the HPA real estate project. An initiative born from the desire to offer its clients much more than a simple high-value investment, providing a unique location on the shores of Lake Garda, which sets it apart in the Italian real estate landscape. It is also a series of exclusive services, designed to ensure a maximum level of comfort, security, and quality of life for its residents.

When someone considers the HPA offering, they know it’s an exclusive service that’s hard to replicate. It’s much more than just a high-end real estate purchase with all the traditional amenities; it’s the opportunity to acquire a range of services comparable to those of a five-star hotel, all made possible through an advanced management system that oversees all activities within the complex, including within each individual residence. 🤩

The HPA real estate complex goes beyond mere residency status. It offers an innovative concept for private living, integrating typical luxuries of luxury hotels into everyday life.

HPA Lake: 80 Luxury Apartments

The magnificent HPA complex houses 60 apartments (with 20 more under construction, soon to be available), surrounding an incredible 800-square-meter infinity pool, creating a beach-like ambiance. In addition to this pool, the estate features a Pitch & Putt golf course designed for four players by Jack Nicklaus, a synthetic green with 7 holes, a clay tennis court equipped with an automatic irrigation system, and several barbecue areas for wonderful outdoor moments.

The entire estate, developed over more than 5 hectares, is managed by a unique automated system that supports all the needs of the common areas, including pool monitoring, irrigation, security, and access management. Through a shared data network connecting the management of common areas and individual apartments, we can offer integrated services, such as automatic access authorization for selected cleaning staff and seamless communication between the residence’s security system and residents, facilitating the use of certain facilities.

Functions and Areas Managed by the DOVIT System in HPA Residences

The functions and areas supported by the DOVIT system in HPA residences include :

User commands and interactions

Interactive tools of the DOVIT system include :

All of these are directly connected and controlled by our integration server : DO.Control

hpa résidences luxe

Integrated Protocols

The system incorporates the following protocols to facilitate management and connectivity :

  • ModBus
  • VoIP SIP
  • RTSP
  • Risco IP control

Protocols Supported for Future Implementations

The DOVIT home automation solution integrates viable protocols to ensure its longevity over time, such as: