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zigbee solution domotique
zigbee solution domotique

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Seamless integration of wireless devices into your smart home

Dovit offers a complete Smart Home solution, integrating various technologies for a personalized living experience. Its 360° solution provides an intelligent architecture that facilitates the quick integration of other technologies.

The power of Dovit’s software allows for seamless interconnection and centralization of third-party APIs via the DO.App. Users enjoy total freedom to customize their home automation system according to their preferences and needs, transforming their home into a tailored connected space.

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Photo de notre serveur domotique Dovit ainsi que tous les protocoles, applications, etc avec lesquels il est compatible

DO.App: The simple and user-friendly application to control your wireless Home Automation System

DO.App is the most user-friendly application on the market for controlling your smart home. Designed to offer an intuitive user experience, it allows easy management of all aspects of your connected home. With its clear interface and advanced features, DO.App centralizes and simplifies the management of integrated devices and technologies, offering optimal customization and quick handling, even for novice users. Enjoy a hassle-free connected home with DO.App.

Dovit and Zigbee: The Compatible and Easy-to-Integrate Smart Home Solution

ZigBee is a low-power wireless technology that complements WiFi to make the home smarter, safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient. This protocol is based on proven technology, currently used in millions of smart devices worldwide.

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Ideal solution for modernization and renovation projects

At Dovit, we understand that some installations do not allow for cable routing. That’s why we developed a wireless solution specifically designed to meet this type of need.

Our range of wireless products offers intuitive automation and control without compromising functionality. This solution enables the creation of automation in installations where running cables can be difficult or even impossible. With Dovit’s wireless solution, users can enjoy the flexibility and freedom to customize their home automation system according to their needs and preferences.

Photo d'une rénovation de maison avant/après

Zigbee, the wireless technology of choice

The Smart Home solution offered by Dovit integrates seamlessly with ZigBee wireless technology to create a more secure, comfortable, and energy-efficient smart home.

ZigBee technology is proven and used by millions of connected devices. The compatibility of our solution with ZigBee-certified devices offers users a wide range of choices in terms of suppliers and devices, allowing them to customize their Smart Home experience according to their specific needs. Zigbee 3.0 is a universal language for the Internet of Things, enabling smooth communication between different connected objects.

Master your Energy Consumption with Dovit's Zigbee Solution

By integrating thermostatic valves into your Dovit home automation system, you can easily monitor and control your energy consumption.

Our Smart Home solution uses the Zigbee protocol to collect all your home’s energy data and upload it to the DO.App. With this information, you can easily see how much energy is being used and identify where you can save energy. The smart thermostatic valves also allow you to adjust the temperature of individual rooms, offering personalized comfort while reducing unnecessary expenses.

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Complete your Home Automation setup with a multitude of wireless devices

Like a human nervous system, our server connects all devices so they work together in a smart home or building. The server offers extensive features that can be added over time.

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ikea do.air
ikea do.air
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Produit domotique Dovit avec le protocole Zigbee
vanne zigbee

We answer your questions

DO.Air uses Zigbee technology and other IoT protocols to communicate with wireless devices, centralizing their management through the DO.App.

The main advantages include a cable-free installation, extensive compatibility with various technologies, and advanced customization to meet your specific needs.

Yes, DO.Air is compatible with many IoT technologies, allowing for easy interoperability with other home automation systems.

Through the DO.App, you can customize and control your connected devices according to your specific preferences and needs.

Installing DO.Air is simple and quick, requiring no complex wiring. You can follow the instructions provided in the installation manual or consult online guides on the Dovit website.

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