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Smart lighting with home automation

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A connected home for smarter lighting

Customise your lighting to match any atmosphere

Control all your lights remotely from the Do.App

Choose your switches: traditional or design

Create smart lighting scenarios

Play with the atmosphere of the rooms in your smart home

With our smart Dovit solution, you can considerably improve the comfort of your home. 


Take full and instant control of the atmosphere in each of your rooms with smart lighting. You can change the brightness, colour and temperature of all your lights. The atmosphere in your connected home can be adapted to all members of your family and to your events.

Do.Tatto, a range of designer switches for a unique experience

Timeless, elegant and easy to use, Do.Tatto connected switches allow you to design modern, cutting-edge interiors.  With their backlit glass keypads and customisable touch buttons, Do.Tatto switches will fit in with any decorating style.

Say goodbye to unsightly columns of switches on your walls! From a single Do.Tatto switch, you can control up to 20 usual commands.

Simply control your connected lighting from the Do.App home automation app

With a home automation installation and the automation of your lighting, you will no longer need to go to the switch to turn your lights on or off. 

All commands are centralized on a switch or on your Do.App! At home or remotely, fully control the lights in your connected home.

Smarter lighting with home automation scenarios

Easily create smart scenarios from your app to control your lighting. For example, you can program all your lights to be turned off by pressing a button on your switch. You can also schedule the automatic and progressive lighting of your room every day of the week at 6.45 am.

To secure your smart home, use your home automation lights as a dissuasive technique against burglars and simulate your presence when you are away! With a very simple configuration, the lighting in your home turns on by itself, randomly, but at logical times during the night.

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