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The smart home solution that will make your smart home projects more eco-friendly

With Dovit’s smart home solution, transform your smart home projects into eco-friendly initiatives. By integrating advanced technologies such as remote energy control via the DO.App application and automated system management through protocols like Zigbee and KNX, Dovit enables significant optimization of energy consumption.


These features not only ensure energy savings but also increased comfort while supporting a sustainable lifestyle. Transform your living space with technology that respects the environment.

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RTS (Ready To Smart): Pre-equipment for a future smart home

Dovit provides a comprehensive solution to make a home or building ready to evolve into a smarter and more connected environment.

You can pre-equip any project to prepare it for an even more advanced home automation integration. This approach gives you the freedom to evolve based on your budget and technological advancements.

Our solution transforms your project into an intelligent and energy-efficient space, ready to evolve over time.

Maximize your savings with Zigbee and KNX

The Dovit server complemented by all Zigbee-certified products

The Zigbee wireless protocol coupled with the Dovit server offers numerous possibilities for controlling and managing energy consumption in your homes and buildings. With this technology, it’s possible to remotely control thermostats and connected meters, allowing you to actively monitor your consumption and adjust it in real-time.

Our Wireless Energy Renovation solution utilizes this protocol to effectively control and manage your energy consumption. You can monitor your usage and detect energy wastage.

The Zigbee protocol can be used to gradually complement your home automation setup. With this technology, it’s possible to remotely control blinds, lighting, and other devices. This simplifies your daily tasks and makes your home more comfortable.

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Intégration serveur KNX Dovit et application domotique DO.App

The integration of the Dovit server with a KNX system

The Dovit server allows for the control of all KNX devices within a home automation setup. With our server coupled with the KNX protocol, you can manage your energy consumption intelligently.

For installations already equipped with KNX, using Dovit enables you to benefit from an intelligent system capable of providing uninterrupted power according to your needs at any given moment through a user-friendly and simple application. With this solution, you have total control over your energy consumption, reducing your electricity bills and improving your environmental footprint.

The use of KNX and the Dovit server thus provides an intelligent solution for energy management in home automation setups. This solution allows for centralized management of electronic devices and intelligent monitoring of energy consumption.

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Dovit smart homes enhance comfort by automating functions like lighting, temperature regulation, and multimedia equipment management, thus creating a personalized and comfortable environment.

Thanks to the use of Zigbee and KNX protocols, Dovit’s solutions enable more precise energy management, thereby reducing unnecessary consumption and lowering energy bills.

Dovit equips smart homes with advanced security systems, including alarms, surveillance cameras, and access control systems, thereby enhancing the overall security of your home.

Dovit’s access control system allows easy management of who can enter or exit the house, with the ability to set up remote access via the mobile application, providing more flexibility and security.

Dovit integrates multimedia solutions allowing you to control all your audio and video devices from a single interface, simplifying access to home entertainment and enhancing the user experience.

Installing a Zigbee or KNX system in an already built home is simplified by Dovit solutions, which are designed to adapt without major modifications to the existing infrastructure, making the transition to a smart home both simple and effective.

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Giovanni Grauso, Director of R&D, presents the Dovit solution

Discover the entire Dovit solution with our Director of R&D at Dovit during the Light+Building 2024 exhibition in Frankfurt.

He presents the DO.Touch touchscreen, the DO.Tatto touch switches, and introduces you to DO.App, the most user-friendly Smart Home application on the market.

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