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Control all your windows with home automation for more comfort

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Smart blinds and shutters with home automation

Smart blinds and shutters with home automation

Reinforce the security of your smart home

Save energy with home automation blinds

Create scenarios and control your windows from the app

Centralise the control of all your openings with a home automation system

Whether inside or outside your smart home, motorise all your blinds and improve your daily comfort. Your roller shutters adapt to the temperature and light outside. 


Your motorised shutters close automatically and isolate your interior from the heat. In winter, they prevent heat loss.


With our intelligent solution, you can control the extent of the shade on your terrace for tailor-made sun protection!


Remote control, geolocated opening, automatic closing… Equip your home with a connected garage door to gain comfort and safety!

Reinforce the security of your smart home with connected blinds and shutters

Leave your mind at ease, even away from your connected home. From your home automation screen or your smartphone, check at a glance that all your windows are closed. 

You forgot to close the shutter in your room? Don’t worry, you can do it directly from the Do.App!

Do you want to simulate your presence during a long absence? Create a smart scenario that will trigger the automatic opening and closing of your blinds at specific times of the day.

Our home automation system also protects the equipment in your smart home. Your motorised outdoor blinds will retract in case of strong wind or close automatically if you forgot about them.

Save energy with home automation shutters

Increase your level of comfort in both winter and summer, while saving energy and money with motorised windows.  

Connected blinds offer you better thermal isolation. Is the sun shining brightly at midday? Your blinds will automatically lower to keep the heat out and your home cool, limiting the use of air conditioning.

Enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly smart home that manages the opening and closing of your blinds autonomously according to the weather.

Automate the management of your openings with the creation of smart scenarios

Break free from repetitive actions with the creation of smart scenarios! 

Simply program scenarios from your app and let your shutters, doors, gates or blinds open and close by themselves. 

The “I’m coming home” scenario could, for example, automatically open all your openings (gate, garage, blinds) as soon as you come home from work and are a few metres from your home by car.

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