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63% of Smart Home owners believe that home automation enhances their quality of life


Home automation systems can reduce a home’s energy consumption by 10 to 30%.


The global home automation market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 11.5% by 2025.


72% of homebuyers consider Smart Homes to be more appealing and are willing to invest.

*Sources : Statista – Smart Home Report 2021, U.S. Department of Energy – Energy Saver, MarketsandMarkets – Smart Home Market,Coldwell Banker – Smart Home Marketplace Survey

Claudio Gomes, Partner and Integrator at Profabel

“The flexibility during delivery calls, technical support, and overall assistance make the work easy, enjoyable, and motivating. It’s the perfect illustration of a true partnership and closeness with the Dovit teams.”

Finally a universal and customizable application

Get ready to impress your clients with a universal and highly customizable home automation application!

At Dovit, we understand that your clients are looking for a home automation solution that meets their unique needs. With our user-friendly application, available on iOS and Android, they’ll have the power to create custom scenarios and control every aspect of their home with ease.

As home automation integrator installers, you’ll be the modern heroes of their households, offering them an exceptional Smart Home experience that exceeds all their expectations.

The compatible and easy-to-install home automation solution

With our compatible and open solution to market protocols, you can create customized projects that meet the specific needs of each household.

Limitless compatibility: a home automation solution that adapts to all protocols for seamless integration

At Dovit, we understand the importance of universal compatibility to ensure a seamless home automation experience. That’s why our solution supports all popular protocols such as Zigbee, KNX, and many others.

No matter what equipment your clients have, our home automation solution seamlessly integrates to create a complete home automation ecosystem.

Image représentant la compatibilité avec KNX et Zigbee

Managing your clients' homes becomes child's play

Simplify the control of all aspects of your clients’ homes with our user-friendly interface. With our Dovit home automation solution, you can manage lighting, blinds, alarm, heating, or air conditioning from a single interface.

No more multiple applications and scattered remotes, Dovit offers you centralized and simplified control. Whether from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you have the ability to adjust the settings of each room in just a few clicks.

Image d'une personne utilisant l'application domotique DO.App

We support you in the success of your clients' home automation projects

At Dovit, we take pride in providing our partners with a smooth and hassle-free installation experience. We understand that time is precious, which is why our system is designed to be easy and quick to install.

Additionally, by becoming a Dovit Partner, you benefit from free training that allows you to quickly master our home automation solution. Our team of experts accompanies you from project signing to post-installation follow-up. You can count on us to answer your questions and provide you with comprehensive assistance.

Photo du guide d'utilisation des interrupteurs tactiles DO.Tatto

Our Partners' Projects

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The questions you are asking

Dovit is a comprehensive home automation solution that enables control and automation of various aspects of the home such as lighting, heating, security, blinds, and much more. Our solution is suitable for both residential and commercial projects, providing installers and integrators with application flexibility to meet the specific needs of their clients.

By choosing Dovit, you benefit from a user-friendly solution that is easy to install and configure. Our system is compatible with many popular protocols, providing seamless integration with various devices. Additionally, as a Dovit partner, you have access to free training, personalized support, and a dedicated team to assist you throughout your journey.

Dovit is designed to be compatible with many commonly used protocols such as Zigbee, KNX, and many others. This allows for seamless integration with equipment already present in homes or buildings. Our home automation solution is also open to integrations with third-party systems, providing additional flexibility to meet the specific needs of each project.

Dovit offers an intuitive application available on iOS and Android, providing a user-friendly interface to manage and control installed home automation systems. You can easily create custom scenarios, adjust room settings, and monitor performance in real-time. Additionally, our solution is compatible with popular voice assistants, allowing you to control your home with the simplicity of voice.

To become a partner of Dovit, simply contact us through our website or our dedicated team. As a partner, you will benefit from free training, comprehensive support from project signing to follow-up, as well as dedicated technical and commercial support. You will also have access to marketing and sales tools to promote your projects and your partnership with Dovit.

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Simplicity, design, and compatibility: that's truly what Dovit represents

Cyprien summarizes our solution in a few words.

Discover a user-friendly home automation solution, ZigBee compatible, with modern design for a unique experience.💡

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