Palazzo Morosini Degli Spezieri

Venise, Italie
Palazzo Morosini
The entire building was renovated while respecting its history and classicism of the structure, without compromising on computerization and all customer service amenities.

A smart hotel 🧠 with very low CO2 emissions 🍃

The restoration of a historical building such as the Palazzo Morosini degli Spezieri is a project of particular significance. It demonstrates a profound respect for history and architectural elements that have withstood the test of time. Not only have we preserved the timeless beauty of the 15th-century palace, but we have also created an environment that skillfully blends magnificent elements from the past with innovative solutions of the present 💡.

The restoration of a historical building 🏰

In the case of Palazzo Morosini degli Spezieri, this project holds particular significance. It speaks to a profound respect for the history and architecture of this building that has withstood the test of time. The entire building, from floor to ceiling, has been meticulously renovated to preserve its historical character and architectural structure. While retaining its timeless charm, cutting-edge technologies have been integrated to provide visitors with modern comfort and convenience. It’s an example of a successful fusion between a richly historic past and an innovative present, creating an environment that combines the best of both worlds.”

All apartments and common areas are equipped with home automation

Overall, each apartment and common area of Palazzo Morosini degli Spezieri has been integrated with state-of-the-art Smart Building and home automation systems. This integration goes far beyond simple facility modernization. It encompasses a full range of intelligent technologies aimed at optimizing every aspect of residents’ and visitors’ daily lives. Among these enhancements are active control systems allowing exceptional management of heating, lighting, audio distribution, fire detection, alarm, access control, and much more. These devices work in harmony to create a secure, comfortable, and energy-efficient environment throughout the building, contributing to the exceptional experience offered by Palazzo Morosini degli Spezieri.

Technology Inside the Residences

The technology inside the residences provides an exceptional residential experience. When clients step through the door of their apartment, they are greeted by a ‘welcome console’ consisting of a touchscreen embedded in an elegant design. This intuitive interface allows residents to take control of all the features of their apartment in an instant. They can not only adjust the lighting, temperature, and music in each room but also easily connect their mobile devices for an optimal entertainment experience.

In addition, the apartments are equipped with automatic fragrance diffusers that trigger upon each entry. These diffusers are synchronized with the access control system, meaning that when someone enters the apartment, they are greeted by a subtle and pleasant scent. This attention to detail creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere as soon as one steps into the space, contributing to making the stay even more enjoyable and memorable for residents.

The DO.App for an Enhanced User Experience

For an even more enriching user experience, guests of the establishment have the option to download the DO.App application for free. This innovative application offers them the flexibility to manage essential information and control facilities directly from their tablet or smartphone, in parallel with the services available on the touchscreens of individual apartments. This application simplifies their stay by allowing easy access to all features and useful information, even when they are on the move, thus providing a comprehensive and personalized experience during their stay at Palazzo Morosini degli Spezieri.

Improving Energy Efficiency and BACS and TBM Automation Systems of CLASS A

The challenge faced by the designers of Palazzo Morosini degli Spezieri, successfully met through the Dovit home automation integration platform, was to reduce energy consumption by focusing on the energy efficiency of the entire building and its installations.

The UNI EN 15232 standard, which introduced a classification of the control functions of technical systems in buildings, mandates a class B in the tertiary sector. In the Palazzo Morosini degli Spezieri project, much more was done to achieve the maximum goal, class A.