Success Story πŸš€: La Cloche d’Or – An Innovative Home Automation Project in the Heart of the City

Home automation project of La Cloche d'Or
Discover how Dovit brought an integrated and intelligent home automation solution to the residential project of La Cloche d'Or in Luxembourg. Thanks to our innovative system, the 53 residences and their 160,000 mΒ² of residential space are now connected, creating the first Smart District in Luxembourg. Learn how our advanced technology enabled simplified and centralized management of lighting, heating, security, and much more, providing residents with a modern, comfortable, and energy-efficient living experience.

Dovit, leader in home automation solutions, collaborated closely with the prestigious Luxembourgish real estate developer Grossfeld to undertake a significant project in the heart of the Cloche d’Or district in Luxembourg. This ambitious project equips the 2,000 residences across 53 buildings in the neighborhood with intelligent home automation solutions, thus creating Luxembourg’s first Smart District. πŸ’‘

The Cloche d’Or district is a true urban gem, providing an exceptional living environment where residents will live, work, and study in a dynamic and connected atmosphere. By integrating advanced home automation solutions into each residence, Dovit contributes to shaping a modern, sustainable, and secure environment for the residents. πŸŒ³πŸ™οΈ

cloche d'or district
The balcony of a Dovit home automation-equipped apartment.

Thanks to home automation, residents of La Cloche d’Or can enjoy an unparalleled level of comfort. They can remotely control lighting, heating, blinds, and much more, simply using their smartphone or tablet. Imagine coming home to find your house already bathed in soft, dimmed light and the perfect temperature, all thanks to the magic of home automation! 🏑✨

But that’s not all ! Security is also at the forefront of Dovit’s concerns. With advanced video surveillance systems and smart alarms, residents can rest assured knowing that their home is protected in their absence. Home automation thus offers invaluable peace of mind by ensuring continuous monitoring and prompt response to unexpected events. πŸš¨πŸ‘€

DO.Touch screen and DO.Tatto switch at the living room entrance

The Cloche d’Or district represents the future of connected and sustainable living. Thanks to Dovit and its innovative home automation solution, residents enjoy a more convenient, comfortable, and secure lifestyle.

At Dovit, we take pride in contributing to the development of this innovative district, and we are confident that home automation will play a crucial role in building the smart cities of tomorrow. πŸ’ͺπŸŒ‡

Meeting the project’s intelligence requirements: a priority for Dovit! 🧠

For the prestigious Cloche d’Or district in Luxembourg, with its futuristic and Smart City-oriented vision, the technological need was clear: an open, integrated, and connected home automation solution for each residence. Dovit committed to addressing this challenge by providing an advanced Smart Home solution capable of managing all devices and services in each apartment through a single user interface.

Cloche d’Or District

In collaboration with Luxembourgish real estate developer Grossfeld, Dovit has equipped the 2,000 residences in the district with a professional home automation system, offering intelligent and centralized management.

🎯 The goal: to create Luxembourg’s first Smart District, where all apartments are connected and where the infrastructure of common areas and developments is perfectly interconnected.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, Dovit has fully met the project’s requirements. Our home automation system, created in 2005, is designed to be compatible with various protocols and standards, allowing seamless integration of brand or model. Thus, each residence can enjoy a flexible and customized solution, meeting the specific needs of each project.

The result is a complete eco-district, where home automation brings unparalleled living comfort, energy-efficient management, and enhanced security. Residents can now enjoy a true intelligent ecosystem, capable of adapting to future developments, to create a true “Smart City” in the heart of Luxembourg.

πŸŒ³πŸ’« With Dovit, technology and innovation harmoniously come together to shape the future of smart housing in the Cloche d’Or. 🏑✨

Centralized Control for a Successful Home Automation Project πŸ πŸ“±

Thanks to our integrated home automation system, we’ve been able to provide a unique experience to all residents of the Cloche d’Or district in Luxembourg. Each residence is equipped with a wall-mounted touchscreen that allows residents to manage all integrated services from a single user-friendly interface. Imagine being able to control your alarm system, video intercom, room temperature, and home lighting, all from one device !

interrupteur domotique cloche d'or
DO.Tatto switch beneath the mirror

Our solution goes even further by offering residents control over their energy consumption, with detailed analytics to help them achieve energy savings. Functionality, adaptability at any time, data protection, and reliability are at the core of our approach to address our users’ most important needs.

But our commitment to an exceptional user experience doesn’t stop there. We have developed the DO.App application, which offers full compatibility with wall-mounted touchscreens, PCs, Macs, Smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets. This allows you to remotely access all the features of your connected home securely.

And that’s not all ! Our system is also compatible with voice assistants, providing an even smoother and more convenient experience for our residents. With Dovit, you can create personalized scenarios that execute with a simple tap or voice command.

With the IFTTT online platform, you have access to free IoT services for optimal connectivity.

At Dovit, our goal is to make home automation accessible to everyone and to create a true intelligent and harmonious ecosystem for our users. La Cloche d’Or is a concrete example of how home automation can transform a neighborhood into a true “Smart City”, offering comfort, security, and sustainability to all its residents. πŸ πŸ“±πŸ”§πŸ’‘

DO.Tatto switch and thermostat next to the dressing area at the entrance

Experience Dovit: Explore the innovative setup of apartments in Cloche d’Or

Each apartment is equipped with an intelligent server that ensures integration and control of various functionalities for optimal comfort. You can easily manage lighting, blinds and shutters, the alarm system, ventilation, heating, and even access control, all from a single touchscreen thanks to our DO.App application. πŸ“±πŸ’»

The DO.App application provides a user-friendly interface to control all Dovit functions, allowing you to create and modify scenarios with hourly scheduling, as well as customize icons for a tailored user experience.

To ensure seamless integration, we also provide 4 input/output modules that easily install on the electrical panel, allowing you to control up to 32 lighting points or motorize blinds.

With our professional alarm center equipped with an IP network card, a keypad with RFID, and an indoor siren, you benefit from enhanced security for your apartment. πŸš¨πŸ”’

For complete protection, we add 2 volumetric sensors and 2 combined optical and thermal smoke detectors for early detection in case of incidents. You can also connect to functions installed in the common areas of the building through our firewall router, which also offers remote connection with the DO.App mobile application. 🌐

DO.Tatto switches at the entrance of the bedroom and the shower room

Finally, for precise temperature control, we have provided multifunctional touch thermostats in each heating zone of the apartments, allowing residents to regulate the comfort of each space according to their preferences. ❄️πŸ”₯

Experience Dovit at La Cloche d’Or, where comfort, security, and ease of management are at the core of our smart home solution! πŸ’«πŸ‘

The Dovit home automation system: Your connected, simplified, and secure living space

In addition to its unique architectural approach, the Dovit system offers a revolutionary home automation integration platform based on a multi-standard, multi-protocol server, including KNX, Dali, Mbus, DMX, BACnet, MODbus, and much more. This flexibility ensures complete interoperability without any brand or technology constraints.

Unparalleled reliability : Our system uses a single bus to guarantee optimal speed, reliability, and security. Through a distributed logic Bus automation system, based on programmable electronic modules with their own intelligence, you’ll have limitless possibilities (and no need for cloud).

Home automation at its best : We natively integrate new services and technologies through the IFTTT platform, with over 1000 IoT products and services at your disposal.

Integrated security for peace of mind : The Dovit system also ensures native integration of a security system to protect your home with ease.

Ease of use: With easy implementation and quick programming, enjoy all the benefits of home automation hassle-free.

Explore a new dimension of comfort, security, and control with the Dovit system! πŸ’‘πŸ πŸ”’