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Photo d'un thermostat noir et d'un interrupteur tactile DO.Tatto noir en version 125x85 dans un open space.
Photo d'un thermostat noir et d'un interrupteur tactile DO.Tatto noir en version 125x85 dans un open space.

A Complete Home Automation Solution

Our solution, compatible with the most popular market protocols such as KNX, Dali, and Zigbee, allows you to create projects perfectly suited to various environments.

Whether for residential homes, commercial spaces, hotels, or care facilities, our technology offers unmatched flexibility and adaptability. Thanks to this compatibility, you can easily integrate a wide range of devices and systems to meet the specific needs of each project.

Field bus modules for KNX and non-KNX systems

Our field bus modules are wired and equipped with their own programmable intelligence. The system also operates autonomously, without requiring an integration unit or touchscreen. A single actuator is sufficient to control all functions: lighting, shutters, heating, etc.

Photo de notre écran Dovit DO.Touch en version 4 et 10 pouces présent dans une maison Smart home avec de la domotique.
KNX badge
KNX badge

Multi-protocol server

Our multi-protocol integration server, also available in a KNX version, guarantees exceptional interoperability. It supports standards such as Zigbee, Modbus, Dali, and many others, offering unmatched flexibility for your home automation projects.

Training by experts included

With many years of experience, our distribution network is comprised exclusively of qualified and experienced professionals. To ensure our partners remain at the cutting edge of technology, we regularly organize training sessions and refresher courses. These sessions enable them to gain an in-depth understanding of our home automation solutions and provide exceptional service to their clients., our support portal

As a distributor, you will be the go-to reference for your clients, meeting all their home automation needs.

On, you can register as a partner and access a multitude of tools and resources to enhance your customer service. Communicate directly with your clients, create and track support tickets to ensure efficient follow-up and quickly resolve issues. Access informational materials, technical guides, and marketing documents to better understand and promote our products. Take advantage of technical support to stay up to date on the latest innovations and practices.

Photo de notre écran Dovit DO.Touch en version 4 et 10 pouces présent dans une maison Smart home avec de la domotique.
écran domotique

DO.Touch: Premium Touchscreen for the Smart Home

Our elegantly designed touchscreen has been developed for immediate and native integration with the DO.App. Wall-mounted and wired, it ensures a stable connection without power loss.

Our DO.Touch touchscreen range is available from 4″ to 10″, also available with a semi-mirror borderless effect.


The color, display, and brightness intensity of the lower light line and the 6 touch buttons are customizable. The 3 touch buttons below the light line are freely configurable.

Claudio Gomes, Founder and Integrator at Profabel

“The flexibility during delivery calls, technical support, and overall assistance make the work easy, pleasant, and motivating. It’s the perfect illustration of a true partnership and closeness with the Dovit teams.”

Finally, a universal and fully customizable application

Get ready to amaze your clients with a universal and highly customizable home automation application!

At Dovit, we understand that your clients are looking for a home automation solution that meets their unique needs. With our user-friendly application, available on iOS and Android, they will have the power to create custom scenarios and control every aspect of their home in a snap.

As home automation installers and integrators, you will be the modern heroes of their homes by offering an exceptional Smart Home experience that exceeds all their expectations.

Gamme interrupteurs domotique Tatto

DO.Tatto: Premium Connected Switches

As a distributor, offer your installer and integrator clients the opportunity to configure smart and elegant spaces with our range of DO.Tatto switches. These connected switches allow for the harmonization of every detail to perfectly match the demands of their projects. With DO.Tatto, your clients can provide end-users with comfort and ease of control, while adding a touch of elegance to every installation.

Our Partners' Projects

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The questions you may have

Dovit is a complete home automation solution that allows you to control and automate various aspects of the home, such as lighting, heating, security, shutters, and much more. Our solution is suitable for both residential and commercial projects, offering installers and integrators the flexibility to meet their clients’ specific needs.

Dovit is designed to be compatible with many commonly used protocols such as Zigbee, KNX, and more. This allows for seamless integration with existing equipment in homes or buildings. Our home automation solution is also open to integrations with third-party systems, providing additional flexibility to meet the specific needs of each project.

You will have access to our complete range of home automation solutions, including KNX supervision systems, lighting control modules, shutter control modules, heating control modules, and much more. Our products are designed to be compatible with standard protocols such as Zigbee, Modbus, and Dali, enabling you to meet a variety of needs and projects.

As a Dovit distributor, you benefit from exclusive access to our innovative home automation solutions, dedicated technical support, and regular training to stay at the forefront of technology. You will also have access to a comprehensive range of products, marketing tools, and resources to help you grow your business.

As a Dovit distributor, you will receive comprehensive technical support, ongoing training, and privileged access to our customer service. You will also have personalized marketing tools to promote our products and advice to optimize your sales and installations.

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Dovit stands for simplicity, design, and compatibility

Discover the Dovit solution with Giovanni Grauso, our R&D Director, by watching the video we made at the Light+Building 2024 exhibition in Frankfurt.

He will introduce you to the DO.Touch touchscreen, DO.Tatto, and DO.App, the most user-friendly Smart Home application available.

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