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Photo de notre serveur domotique Dovit disponible en version KNX , nos interrupteurs tactiles DO.Tatto et nos thermostats Dovit en couleur sable, blanc et noir

Explore our cutting-edge KNX solutions with DO.Tatto touch switches and our server. Simplify your home automation with Dovit today.

Photo de notre serveur domotique Dovit disponible en version KNX , nos interrupteurs tactiles DO.Tatto et nos thermostats Dovit en couleur sable, blanc et noir

Claudio Gomes, Partner and Integrator at Profabel

” The flexibility during delivery calls, the technical support, and the overall guidance make the work easy, enjoyable, and motivating. It’s the perfect illustration of a true partnership and closeness with the Dovit teams. “

The DO.Tatto switches are available in KNX versions

The DO.Tatto connected switches are available in both KNX and Dovit versions, offering a home automation solution for every need. The KNX version of the DO.Tatto connected switches provides true intelligence, allowing direct management of HVAC and up to two independent zones. They also directly adjust the brightness in a room constantly, while offering advanced customization options to meet your design and personalization needs. You can integrate them into existing installations or new KNX setups, expanding your customization and control possibilities.

Photo d'un thermostat noir et d'un interrupteur tactile DO.Tatto sable en version KNX

Control a KNX system with the most user-friendly app

The DO.App represents innovation and accessibility in controlling your KNX home automation system. Designed with meticulous attention to user experience, DO.App stands out as the most user-friendly solution, enabling intuitive and swift management of the smart home.

Complete KNX control at your fingertips

With DO.App, total control of your smart home is at your fingertips. Whether you want to adjust the lighting, regulate the temperature, manage roller shutters, or monitor security systems, everything is achievable from your mobile device.


DO.App transforms your smartphone, tablet, or screen into a centralized dashboard, offering complete visibility and control over your home environment.

Photo de notre serveur domotique Dovit ainsi que tous les protocoles, applications, etc avec lesquels il est compatible

Dovit and KNX: The compatible and easy-to-integrate Smart Home solution

The integration of Dovit with KNX redefines the concept of “Smart Home,” offering ease of use and seamless interconnection among various elements of the living space.

A smart home with no protocol limitations

The KNX server embodies an open approach with no protocol limitations. DO.KNX is designed for unprecedented interoperability, supporting a wide range of standards such as ZIGBEE, MODBUS, DALI, and many others. This capability to integrate various protocols makes our solution versatile, allowing users to connect, manage, and optimize their home ecosystem without being constrained by technological limitations.

By choosing Dovit, users embrace a vision of home automation where the possibilities are truly limitless, ensuring a smart home that evolves with them.

Smart Renovation: Dovit elegantly harmonizes KNX projects

With Dovit, upgrading your KNX system is not just an upgrade; it’s an adoption of new modernity. We understand that innovation should not mean complication. That’s why our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your renovation projects, emphasizing simplicity and efficiency. Dovit’s compatibility with existing KNX installations ensures a smooth and successful transition for any renovation project, whether it’s a small or large undertaking.

Simplified KNX Integration with Dovit

Dovit greatly simplifies installation by quickly and easily integrating with KNX systems, providing installers with an intuitive and efficient solution for seamless integration into their projects.

Dovit offers comprehensive expertise in home automation, supporting projects from the development of specifications to after-sales service. To strengthen this collaboration, we offer free training aimed at certifying our partners.

We answer your questions

The Dovit KNX server is an advanced home automation solution that allows you to control, manage, and monitor your smart home in an intuitive and efficient manner. It serves as a bridge between the various devices and systems in your house, utilizing the KNX standard for maximum compatibility and interoperability.

Yes, installing the Dovit KNX server is designed to be simple and accessible, even for users with limited home automation experience. Additionally, its natural compatibility with existing KNX installations makes it an ideal choice for renovation projects, minimizing disruptions and speeding up the integration process.

Thanks to its open design and compatibility with numerous market standards, the Dovit KNX server enables users to add, modify, or upgrade their home automation devices and systems without being limited by technologies or protocols. This flexibility ensures that your smart home can evolve with technological innovations and personal needs.

Absolutely. Dovit’s mobile application, DO.App, is seamlessly integrated with our KNX server, offering an intuitive and stylish user interface for remote management of your smart home. It allows for complete control of your smart home, from life scenarios to security, with unparalleled ease of use.

To become a partner of Dovit, simply contact us through our website or our dedicated team. As a partner, you’ll receive free training, comprehensive support from project signing to follow-up, as well as dedicated technical and sales support. You’ll also have access to marketing and sales tools to promote your projects and partnership with Dovit.

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Giovanni Grauso, Director of R&D, presents the Dovit solution

Discover the entire Dovit solution with our Director of R&D at Dovit during the Light+Building 2024 exhibition in Frankfurt.

He presents the DO.Touch touchscreen, the DO.Tatto touch switches, and introduces you to DO.App, the most user-friendly Smart Home application on the market.

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