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A stylish home automation solution that adapts to all interior styles

Discover how Dovit’s connected products transform your architectural projects into exceptional living spaces. Our solutions do more than just simplify your clients’ lives; they turn homes into intelligent interiors with remarkable design.


Say goodbye to unsightly rows of switches cluttering walls. With our DO.Tatto switches and DO.Touch touchscreens, all smart home functionalities are accessible from a single control point.


Customize every detail to create tailor-made solutions that perfectly align with your architectural vision. From colors and finishes to icons and sizes, Dovit products are designed to meet your most specific needs.

DO.Tatto : infinitely customizable touch switches

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DO.Touch : premium touchscreen for the Smart Home

Our elegantly designed touchscreen has been developed for immediate and native integration with the DO.App. Being wall-mounted and wired, it ensures a stable connection without power loss.


Our range of DO.Touch touchscreens is available from 4″ to 10″, also available with a semi-mirror borderless effect.


The color, display, and brightness intensity of the lower light line and the 6 touch buttons are customizable. The 3 touch buttons below the light line are freely configurable.

Dominik Dippelhofer, Associate Architect at Schemel & Wirtz Architects

“With the Dovit solution, it is now possible to design a dynamic and evolving home, offering personalized and programmable atmospheres based on a specific action or scheduled manner. The Dovit product range, with its sleek and timeless design, integrates perfectly into our projects and complements all interior styles. The system’s openness to other brands and technologies allows us to meet our clients’ most demanding and personal requests.”

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The customization of DO.Tatto switches and DO.Touch touchscreens allows users to create elements that perfectly integrate with the overall design of their home. By adjusting colors, light intensities, and other settings, these products become integrated and aesthetic components of the home environment.

Smart homes designed with the Dovit solution offer a blend of aesthetics and technology, ensuring both a visual experience and intelligent functionality. For architects, this means the ability to design dynamic and evolving living spaces, allowing for personalized and programmable atmospheres to meet each client’s unique needs. For clients, this translates into a home that adapts to their lifestyle, offering both comfort and personalized control.

The premium DO.Touch touchscreen offers a high-quality user experience by combining elegant design with seamless integration with the DO.App. Wall-mounted and wired, this screen ensures a stable and reliable connection, allowing intuitive control of various aspects of the smart home. Additionally, its extensive customization options, from color to light intensity, enable users to create tailor-made interfaces that match their preferences and lifestyle.

The scalability of the Dovit solution allows homeowners to expand their home automation system according to their changing needs. They can add new features and devices over time without having to replace the entire system.

Dovit simplifies the integration process by offering flexible and scalable solutions, enabling architects to create dynamic living spaces tailored to their clients’ needs.

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