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What the Experts say – Giovanni Grauso, Head of solutions Dovit

Témoignage de notre Responsable des solutions Dovit, Giovanni Grauso.
After the various lockdown of 2020, Giovanni Grauso, Head of Solutions and R&D, gives us his observations and his vision on the evolutions to come on the home automation market!

What impact has the health emergency had on the smart home market?

“The general slowdown in construction sites, especially in the private building sector, has consequently shifted the supply forecasts of all manufacturers of professional smart home technology, i.e. products intended for the B-to-B market. On the other hand, there has been a significant increase in interest in “technological gadgets” aimed mainly at end consumers who are not involved in renovations or new buildings.”

What setbacks, or vice versa, do you see for the future?

“Our company, DOVIT, a manufacturer of professional Smart Home technology, has immediately reorganised its activities by focusing more on the development of new products, as well as the implementation of commercial tools and remote technical training.
The long periods of restrictions that have forced everyone to stay indoors for the past year have led to a strong demand for entertainment and security products, and the desire to control and monitor air quality has returned to the forefront. In these areas, there is now more excitement about creating innovative and useful products.”

What technologies (e.g. IoT) could drive the market in the near future?

“In order to meet these needs, our company has invested in research and development on an innovative system for measuring and controlling the quality of the air in domestic environments, constantly monitoring and recording the VOC values of PM10, PM2.5, CO2, CO, temperature, humidity and background noise.

Thanks to innovative sensors and the control that our systems have over the filtration and controlled mechanical ventilation systems, we are able to make domestic environments healthier and, above all, under the control of the user, who, thanks to advanced sensor technology, can finally realise the real quality level of his own environment.

Smart management of communal areas deserves a separate discussion: in order to reduce contact to a minimum, all “contact less” gate management systems are attracting significant interest. Our company, in particular, offers face recognition or number plate recognition systems to accompany our solutions. Biometric contact readers such as fingerprint readers are losing some interest.”

Giovanni Grauso


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