Optimize your energy consumption

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Energy monitoring, consumption analysis and energy saving plans

Reliable energy reports with intuitive graphics for operational decisions, day-to-day management, planning and immediate identification of anomalies

Easy familiarization with plant operation and knowledge to improve energy performance in any building type

Consumption calculation and energy diagnostics to meet Industry 4.0 requirements and residential incentives

Metering and distribution of electrical, thermal and solar energy. Possibility of connecting various multimeters, measuring devices and sensors to the platform

Do.Energy, a complete range of products dedicated to energy control

A smart house or building, with a complete home automation system, is above all a place where you can know your water, heating or electricity consumption at any time.


The analysis of these flows and their remote control become an excellent way to anticipate and avoid heat loss.

Multimeters and bidirectional meters with memory

A single-phase and three-phase bidirectional meter records and saves data.

Compteur bidirectionnel
Compteur monodirectionnel

Multimeters and monodirectional meters

Monodirectional meter (single phase and three phase).

Centrales météo

Dispositifs combinés pour la gestion de la pluie, du vent, de la luminosité, de la température extérieure, de la position du soleil et du rayonnement sur les 3 façades exposées (sud, est, ouest).

Centrale météo
Maquette maison contrôle énergie domotique

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