Dovit, a wired home automation system designed for installers and users

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A smart home solution that gives your home a brain




A wired and cloud-free home automation system

No need to worry about your personal data!

With Dovit, your data is stored locally. Your system will continue to function even if the internet is cut off, including the app (via local wifi) and the wall-mounted control touch screens (via local network).

The most important functions of your home automation system will always be available offline.

Moreover, the connection between the APP and the Smart Home is direct and does not require a third party server

A multi-protocol and multi-system solution

Because we know that needs are constantly evolving, we have developed a multi-protocol, multi-system, modular and scalable solution. 

The integration server allows different technologies to communicate with each other in a smart way. It is therefore capable of integrating and managing several protocols and subsystems simultaneously (e.g. KNX, Dmx, DALI, ModBus…), ensuring fast, reliable and regular connections.

The system thus offers a concentrate of innovations, adapted to the technological preferences of professionals or residents, without constraints of brands or models.

Opt for a smart home with a refined design

Our smart solution is perfectly suited to modern, innovative and ambitious housing. It allows you to create a dynamic and evolving home by creating personalised atmospheres that can be programmed according to specific actions.


The connected touch screens and switches offer a clean, timeless design that perfectly complements any interior style.

An easy to use, user friendly solution

Are you looking for easy configuration and use via various interfaces for your smart home? 

Discover Do.App, available on wall-mounted touchscreens, smartphones or tablets as well as on PC /Mac, Smart TV for secure remote access. Simplicity is at the heart of our concept: from the app or touch switches, scenarios can be triggered with a simple touch of the finger.

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