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Since 1964 and the opening of the first boutique in Geneva, Les Ambassadeurs has made customer service an absolute principle. All the actions carried out contribute to offering unique experiences to collectors, connoisseurs, watch and jewellery enthusiasts who step through their doors – Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Lugano and Saint-Moritz – and now Luxembourg.
This is how customers become their Ambassadors. Thanks to this unique service delivered by a team of experts, also known as “Ambassadors”, and to an offer composed of timeless creations and novelties from the most beautiful Watch, Jewellery and Luxury Accessories Houses, Les Ambassadeurs Luxembourg is the reference destination of the Greater Region.

Gentle mobility and sustainable development are the key words for this new Luxembourg district, in which the Swiss company wanted to play a key role. With its 550m2 of light and 270m2 of glass facade, this new watchmaking centre wanted to offer an architectural concept based on transparency, elegance, authenticity and innovation. The idea was to create a true memorable shopping experience.

On the 8′ screen, the Dovit interface allows to manage the lighting with nearly 300 light points (Dali, RGB), to control the heating and air conditioning as well as the blinds. In order to provide the customer with a unique experience, the application will also allow the programming of smart scenarios.

The Ambassadeurs team will be able to create personnalised athmosphere according to the brand showcased or acccording to the customer they are greeting, in the main area but also in each of the little private space designed in the shop.
The shop is equipped with touch switches from our tactile switches range, this means that smart scenarios can be launched directly from the switch at the touch of a finger.