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Orchidée senior residence

Photo de la résidence sénior orchidée

The Orchidée senior residence consists of two buildings with 42 apartments for elderly people with reduced mobility, a medical practice and a commercial area. Built on four levels, the building houses a common basement with 2,244 m² of parking spaces and cellars, topped by a ground floor and two floors of apartments.

These homes have been specially designed to promote independence and home support for the elderly: access for people with reduced mobility, personal emergency call box, Dovit home automation system, on demand services such as cleaning, small works or shopping delivery.
Designed by the Luxembourg architects Dewey Muller, the residence consists of 2 buildings, between which a common courtyard, a green space of conviviality, will encourage meetings and social life.

Smart Home Dovit and living comfort :

Our solution makes life easier for residents by centralizing controls from a single application interface: ultra-intuitive, it is available on Dovit touchscreens. Residents can control lighting, blinds, temperature control, access control and security systems in their homes.

The Dovit solution will also allow the creation of scenes that will perfectly fit their lifestyle. The scenario describes the actions to be carried out according to an event in order to meet the user’s expectations. It is the very essence of the home automation system, the conductor of the connected home, the one that gives life to the automatisms.

The aim of the scenarios is therefore to free the user from the constraint of having to perform the same tasks manually every day:
Raising the temperature in the bathroom and turning on the lights when he wakes up, checking that all the lights are off when he goes to bed, and so on and so forth.
It is of course possible to launch these scenarios according to the desired time and calendar programming, for example to set up a heating schedule, to put the system “off” in case of absence…
Simplicity being at the heart of our concept, scenarios can be created and managed simply and quickly by the residents themselves.

Smart Home Dovit and access control :

Residents will be able to control access to the building and therefore to their home from their screen. 2N video door entry systems have been installed in the residence at the entrance of each building. This video doorphone will ensure reliable access control, the user will have video feedback on his main screen and it will be possible to :
•    Control access to his home
•    Opening the doors
•    Make and receive audio/video calls
•    Send messages

Smart Home Dovit and Security

A certified security system has been integrated into the Dovit home automation platform and provides access to the common functions of an anti-intruder and fire fighting system. Depending on the needs, the system will be able to set off an alarm in case of fire, leakage or burglary. It is also possible to create presence simulation scenarios.

If the resident wishes, the presence detector can be assigned to proximity detection if the alarm is not activated. The detector will therefore perceive the slightest movement and allow presence-based lighting control so that you never find yourself in the dark. This function is also interesting for energy saving purposes.

Since our infrastructure is scalable, equipment can be added as needs arise and the degree of dependency of the residents increases.

Technical details

•    1 smart server for the integration and control of lighting, blinds and shutters, alarm system, air-conditionning and heating as well as access control.
•    1 x 8′ touch screen with the Dovit application that allows control of all functions, including the creation and modification of scenarios with time programming, modification of icons, etc.
•    3 input/output modules for installation on DIN rail on electrical panel for the control of light points or motorization of blinds.
•    1 professional alarm control unit equipped with an IP network card, keypad with RFID, internal siren.
•    1 double technology volumetric presence detector
•    1 combined optical and thermal smoke detector
•    1 firewall router to connect the apartment to all the functions installed in the common areas of the building, especially access control.

Project realisation :
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