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HPA Garda Lake residence

Lieu Padenghe sul Garda
Photo Résidence HPA Garda Lake

A real estate proposal for a very exclusive clientele: Luxury, Life… these are the two concepts that sum up the approach of the HPA real estate project: an idea born from the desire to offer clients/residents an investment with high added value, with a series of exclusive services, designed to guarantee maximum comfort, safety and quality of life.

Much more than a simple residence, it is an avant-garde concept for private homes.
To manage the automation, entirely by Dovit, the project design and system integration was conceived by Prestige Living in Verona.

Prestige Living was asked to achieve a very ambitious goal: to develop an integrated control system that would allow the management of individual homes in all the traditional aspects related to comfort, security and entertainment, as well as all the services offered by the structure with simple access by each user, locally or remotely.
The challenge was to create a connected and communicating project capable of serving an international clientele through a multilingual and user-friendly interface, for the management of the flats by the owners and for the entire residence by the staff.

  • Integration of services at the heart of the DOVIT platform and easy access to the services offered by the residence.

After a few months of study and design, a home automation system based on a Dovit integration server was designed. Thanks to this system it is possible to reserve all the services offered by the residence.
The functions that can be managed directly from the wall-mounted touch screen (or via the application on a mobile device), range from booking the cleaning/ironing service, to the catering service, with the possibility of booking a chef, ordering from a rich selection of wines, booking beauty/wellness services, or accessing the management of the golf and tennis courses.
It is also possible to reserve the use of common areas, such as the equipped barbecue areas or the cinema room available to the co-owners and their guests.

  •  Management of common areas and outdoor spaces

The whole complex, developed on a surface of more than 5 hectares, is supervised by a single home automation system that also manages all the needs of the common areas, such as :
– Control of the swimming pool
– The irrigation system
– The watering system
– Controlled access to the different areas.
As the data network of the condominium integrates the management of the common areas with the individual flats, it will be possible to offer integrated services such as :
– Automatic activation with a fingerprint of the person of your choice.
– Dialogue between the condominium security system and the flat security system (to share certain data with clients).
A perimeter of approximately 2 km around the condominium has been delimited to control certain services, such as outdoor lighting, irrigation of the park (100 independent zones) with the integration of humidity and rain sensors in the ground for the activation of the system when there is a real need for water according to the exposure; the perimeter intrusion detection system with iPad control on the golf cart of the residence’s caretakers; the video-analytical system, the license plate control system at the main entrance gate, access to the car park and private garages.

  • Functions managed by the DOVIT home automation system

– Lighting system management (including DALI / DMX control).
– Management and control of blinds, shutters and curtains.
– Management and control of winter/summer temperature by zone.
– Management of underfloor heating and cooling systems with split system.
– Management and control of the irrigation system.
– Management and control of technical alarms (gas, water, wind, rain) with intelligent management of solenoid valves.
– Management and control of an anti-intrusion system with external protection by means of perimeter sensors and an IP camera video surveillance system.
– Management and control of the video doorman system thanks to the integration of the SIP system.
– Management and access control of the class 4 armoured door with motorised electric lock, concealed video door peephole and integrated biometric reader.
– Remote management and control via iOS, Android, Windows, Mac applications.
– Customisable scenarios.
– Time programming system by the user on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.
– Management via a multilingual interface (English, Russian, German, Italian).

  • Multiroom audio/video also in common areas

The audio broadcasting system of the condominium extends over 12 zones / 8 sources and about 330 are the loudspeakers installed in the neat vegetation of the park, which are controlled by a multimedia server managed by the caretaker.
– Management and control of the 12-zone audio broadcasting system.
– 8 sources, 3 TB audio multimedia server, Wi-Fi transmission of content via Airplay.