Houses in Cessange


We have equipped for the promoter Promobe a lot of 6 individuals houses in the Cessange district of Luxembourg.

Residents will have access to the management of heating, lighting, blinds, alarms and videophone functions.

Installation per house

  • 1 8′ black touch screen (DO-Z-TOUCH-8-WA-B)
  • 1 integration server 500 points (D-BOX-UNIV-DMK-500)
  • 2 bus power supplies (D-ALM-4A)
  • 1 display power supply (D-ALM-4A)
  • 5 modules 4 inputs / 8 outputs 10A NO 220V DIN (D-4C-8R)
  • 9 Bus modules 8 digital inputs with 4 wires and 4 terminals (D-8WC-0)
  • 6 Thermostats black 120x80cm with touch control, programmable with integrated Bus, management of 1 temperature zone with integrated sensor and control via Bus of the hot and cold circuit (D-A-CT1-G-B)
  • 1 Firewall router pre-configured for a Do.Net network dedicated to home automation – 4 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, 1. 90 Mbit / S throughput routing (DO-N-EASY)
  • 1 Security system
  • IP interface, LightSYS RISCO (T.E) intrusion control unit, 1.5 A power supply and box, LCD keyboard similar to RP432KP000A with integrated proximity reader at 13.56MHz, internal siren, Volumetric Sensor. Double tech. (pets), Battery for control unit (T.E), Wired combined optical and thermal smoke sensor, 12V with dry contact for fire signalling, Outdoor siren.
  • 1 video doorphone system