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Province of Vicenza, Italy
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Diesel Industry, a leading company always attentive to innovation and design, has chosen the Dovit platform to equip its headquarters in Malvena (province of Vincenza in Italy) for the integrated management of all the technological systems created with different technologies and brands. In addition, the platform allows aggregated energy management between different sites and can be extended for centralised management of all multimedia and interactive content in the retail sector.
The total integration of all technological functions allows system, security and multimedia content managers to access all functions immediately and completely, even on the move, both from inside the main office and from outside via the web, using tablets or PCs with a single graphic interface.

The home automation platform integrates and manages :

  • electrical system, temperature and lights (2000 KNX points, lights, temperature, motorisations and dimmer control with Dali automatic brightness management)
  • integrated anti-intrusion system (600 points: sensors, alarms, inserts, diagnostics, etc. integrated via bi-directional KNX)
  • fire prevention and smoke detection system (700 sensors integrated via ModBus)
  • analysis and management system for electrical and thermal energy, calories/refrigeration (bi-directional Modbus multimeters and calorie/refrigeration meters via Bacnet IP)
  • Thermal energy analysis and management system
  • (including automatic radiation control with sunscreens)
  • system for analysis, diagnosis, statistics and distribution of the use of electrical energy and thermal fluids, including the management of each string of the photovoltaic system.
  • video control and video surveillance system (live IP)
  • system for fault management and global diagnostics of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
  • e-mail alert push system with optical and acoustic warnings on all connected service shelves
  • system of diffusion and management of sound sources.
  • Extensible multimedia management for the territorial management of the entire retail sector.

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