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La Cloche d’Or

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Dovit worked hand-in-hand with the Luxembourg real estate developer Grossfeld to equip the 2,000 housing units in the Cloche d’Or district.

The group of 53 residences, representing 160,000 m2 of residential space, are connected and communicating to create the first Smart District (or smart district to choose) of Luxembourg.

From the design phase to the delivery of housing, through the collection of needs of each user, we have responded to all the technical constraints related to projects, such as the merger of apartments, the security occultants of Zenith towers in case of strong wind by installing 4 stations on each of them etc.

La Cloche d’Or is a new mixed urban district, where some 30,000 people will live, work and study in the near future. The designers of this project have been careful to develop and think in this global approach, with absolute priority given to the quality of community life, comfort of life while adopting a strict philosophy of sustainable development. The Cloche d’Or district is committed to guaranteeing a comfortable and safe environment for all inhabitants, putting nature at the heart of the project and encouraging soft mobility.
And they trusted us for the Smart Home system!
At DOVIT, our ambition is to offer modern and sustainable apartments combining comfort, safety, innovation and reliability.

The needs in terms of project intelligence

The technological need for this project was to have an open, integrated and connected solution to manage all the devices and services present in each home, with a single user interface. The challenge for the property developer was to create a complete eco-neighbourhood where all the apartments are equipped with a Smart Home system and where the infrastructure of the common areas and housing estates are interconnected with all the dwellings and that in the future they are connected to a multitude of services offered by the neighbourhood and the city to create a true “Smart City”.
DOVIT, based on state-of-the-art technology, founded in 2005, is a professional home automation infrastructure that fully meets the needs of this project. Our system, thanks to its native multi-protocol and multi-standard functionality, is able to control and integrate any device or service, without brand or model constraints, ensuring a flexible solution for each project.

Integration of all functions on a single interface

Thanks to the integrated home automation system, it has been possible to equip all the dwellings with a wall-mounted touch screen, from which the resident can use, with a single interface, all the integrated services. The alarm system, the video doorphone, the temperature control of all rooms and the control of all lighting can be managed from the same device. Our solution also offers residents energy monitoring and analysis of their consumption in order to implement energy saving plans.

Functionality, adaptability at all times, data protection and reliability – these are the most important points for users. Residents of smart houses are looking for simple configuration and operation, and if possible via different interfaces. This is where the DOVIT application comes in, an app that is compatible with wall-mounted touchscreens, your own PC or Mac, Smart TVs as well as smartphones or tablets for secure remote access. Simplicity is at the heart of the DOVIT concept: from the app or touch switches, scenarios can be triggered with a simple touch of the finger.
In addition to the IFTTT online platform – which offers free IoT services for users – the system of course supports voice assistants, which many residents appreciate.

The Dovit system is:

  • A different and unique architectural approach.
  • A DOVIT home automation integration platform based on a multi-standard and multi-protocol server (Knx, Dali, Mbus, Dmx, Bacnet, Modbus…). This integration server allows interoperability and intercommunication without constraints of brands or technologies.
  • A single bus for more reliability, speed and security.
  • A distributed logic bus automation system based on programmable electronic modules with their own intelligence, with no limits (no cloud required).
  • Native integration of new services and technologies through the IFTTT platform with more than 1000 IoT products and services.
  • Native integration of a security system.
  • Simple implementation, with fast programming.