Bus, electronic and programmable modules

DO.Connect is a distributed logic bus automation system based on programmable electronic modules with their own intelligence, without any restrictions. The DOVIT bus can also function without the integration server or without touchscreens.


Wide choices of inputs/outputs modules, available as a recessed case and DIN rail allowing fast installation.

Commands and actuators can be any brand, since DO.Connect uses standard digital (dry contact) and analogue (0-10V, 1-10V, 0-5V) input interfaces, outputs with power relay and standards analogue outputs (0-10V,1-10V).

Schema BUS domotique


Eclairage domotique


Chauffage domotique


Interrupteur domotique


Système de sécurité


Store domotique





The modules necessary for a basic home automation infrastructure

ACCESS enables several functions to be allocated to a single button – for example centralized switching off of lights and locking of roller shutters, or control of awnings and blinds.


Functions of the DO.Connect ACCESS installation:

  • Buttons can be programmed after commissioning.
  • Inputs for dry contact commands.
  • Manage motorization and locking.
  • Manage blinds: rotation of slats and motorization.
  • Centrally manage several commands together (e.g. switch off all lights, automatically close all roller shutters, etc.).
  • Manage No/Nc sensors (presence, wind, rain, gas, flood defences, smoke, etc.).
  • Different commands depending on how long a button is pressed.
  • Option to use mixed command solutions: switches/push-buttons.
  • Significant reduction in electromagnetic waves thanks to the wired direct current bus system, and no electrocution risk thanks to power of 12–24 V DC for all commands.


Advanced function automation.

EVO modules allow advanced functions to be incorporated, such as: scenarios, air conditioning by zone, variation of light intensity, remote control, timer programming, event/action logic, control of electrical charges, presence simulation, etc. All EVO products are compatible with the ACCESS series and communicate on the same bus line, DO.Connect.


Functions of the DO.Connect EVO installation:

  • Distributed logic for events/actions.
  • Summer/winter air conditioning with independent zones.
  • Dehumidifier and humidifier control.
  • Control of VMC and fan coil systems with speed management.
  • Reading of analogue inputs for sensor capture. Control of analogue outputs, 0–10, 1–10 V DC (e.g. variation in light intensity).
  • DVAC power dimmer.
  • Native integration of the DALI bus for advanced light control.
  • Bus timer.