Managing multimedia equipment

Écran Do.Media

Do.Media for the storage, reproduction and distribution of multimedia, analog and digital content

Multi-source centralisation and independent multizone distribution

Standard inputs for all types of sources

Pre-amplified and amplified outputs compatible with all standard speaker types and amplifiers

Video HD 4K directly on UTP CAT 6 cable

Control of all multimedia devices with Do.Media

With Do.Media, music follows you into every room and can be played in multiple areas of the house, wirelessly.


Different tracks can be played in different rooms, depending on your taste. Ergonomics and simplicity of use are the key words for wireless multiroom speakers that can be controlled from a smartphone, from the Do.Touch screen or even by voice with our voice control solutions. 

Multizone and multi-source audio amplifiers

For the simultaneous distribution of several audio sources in one or more independent areas of the building.

Amplificateur audio multizone et multisource
Système audio-vidéo multizones et multi-sources

Multizone and multi-source audio-video systems

For the simultaneous distribution of different multimedia sources (audio and video) in high definition in one or more areas of the building.

Sources, contrôleurs et stockage multimédia

Gamme de produits dédiés à la gestion et au contrôle globale de différents types de sources et de contenus.

Contrôleur multimédia
Maquette maison domotique

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