Video door phone on IP architecture according to the SIP standard protocol

Vidéoparlophone domotique

A wired home automation access system to control access to your home

Compatibility with all the functions of a video door phone provided by the home automation integrator, (including intercom and call transfer to another internal station, cell phone or third party telephone exchange)

The external station can, in case of absence, send a notification

The standard SIP protocol offers the possibility to answer via different devices (touch screen, tablet, smartphone, etc.)

Management, supervision and control of all applications

The video telephony system – and communication in general – of the Dovit platform is based on an IP architecture using the standard SIP protocol.

Full IP external station Verso model

This fully modular IP video door phone can be customized and assembled as needed. Beyond its intercom features, it also provides reliable access control in the building and communicates with other products to ensure optimum security.


Also available in black version, it can integrate many modules: RFID reader, Bluetooth reader, touch screen with scrolling contact list, biometric reader, etc.

Vidéoparlophone externe domotique

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