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La Cloche d'Or

La Cloche d'Or



Dovit worked hand-in-hand with the Luxembourg real estate developer Grossfeld to equip the 2,000 housing units in the Cloche d'Or district.

The group of 53 residences, representing 160,000 m2 of residential space, are connected and communicating to create the first Smart District (or smart district to choose) of Luxembourg.

From the design phase to the delivery of housing, through the collection of needs of each user, we have responded to all the technical constraints related to projects, such as the merger of apartments, the security occultants of Zenith towers in case of strong wind by installing 4 stations on each of them etc.

In addition, each user can control their home through the home automation screen, also using the Dovit remote application and Google Home voice control devices.

The domotic screen, real butler present in each apartment, centralizes the management of light points, blackout, heating, air conditioning, alarm and video door. Each resident has the opportunity to customize their interface through iconographic editing, adding photos, scenario management, calendar scheduling and many more.


160 000 m2
connected and smart residential surface
2 000
Integration servers installed
1 000
equipped houses to date and 1000 to come