DOVIT, an innovative yet simple smart home system meeting your expectations and close to you

Light on, open, air-condition, monitor, activate or even select your entertainment.

All of that remotely, whether from your bed or from your couch.

Who hasn't dreamed of being just a click away or a mere glance from mastering their own interior and atmosphere?

Opening your shutters remotely, adjusting the heating system from your office, monitoring and controlling your home from your smartphone, all of this is finally made easy for you.


An effective application

DOVIT combines in a single intuitive and customizable application the ability to manage all your existing and future equipments.

Unlimited possibilities

Choosing DOVIT is choosing a solution that pushes back boundaries, making it virtually limitless.

And That's the difference!

DO App



An exclusive security

DOVIT integrates also exclusively, your alarm system, your control access system and even your pool water management, your watering system but also your multimedia entertaining systems.


An intuitive control

DOVIT is basically the unique and universal remote control for your home. Just let your desires and instinct do the rest !

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