In the service of the home and its occupants, home automation is therefore a differentiating element and above all that will seduce your prospect eager for innovation.

The DOVIT solution was designed with developers and ultimately for developers while considering the end users' needs.

Specifically, DOVIT home automation provides security, comfort, energy management and consumption functions. Examples include central and remote control solutions for shutters, heating, doors and gates, lighting, appliances, remote monitoring systems, and alarms.

So, it is obvious that with the DOVIT solution you have an additional selling point and an undeniable competitive advantage without having real constraints in the implementation of your project.


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A local support close to you

DOVIT is at your side to help you actively in the reflection and development of your projects. So you can consider DOVIT as your partner to stay competitive and at the forefront of innovation to deliver tailored smart housing programs. From first thought to start up, DOVIT is at your side.

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Simplicity of implementation

The physical installation of the material and the overall configuration of the complete system is a key step in proper operation. DOVIT solutions have been thought through and designed to not generate complex or additional operations to traditional electrical installation operations. The implementation is simple, fast and programming is also intuitive and accessible.

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Valorisation of the property

For this purpose, DOVIT is working along with you to have a budget controlled and calculated at the best. In our reflection, we will also allow you to estimate the cost of a smart home in relation to the value of the property.

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A professional home automation solution

As a real estate developer, if you decide to work with the DOVIT solution, you are guaranteed to offer a home automation system that has its major characteristics security, reliability, evolution and utility.

With DOVIT, you offer a hybrid technology that allows you to connect a maximum number of devices.

With DOVIT, housing can evolve over time and adapt, at any moment, to the activity of the family, at its own pace, and its lifestyle or simply its evolution.

Your business asset? A solution "without constraint" that offers: a thrifty habitat, secure, comfortable while being fun and easy to use for the whole family.