Whether you are an experienced professional or want to get started in the world of smart home, DOVIT is at your side with:

  • A dedicated technical team
  • A tailor-made training program
  • A support close to you

Above all, a high-quality home automation product that allows you to offer end-users a real SMART HOME experience.

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A dedicated technical team

It provides a permanent phone assistance to validate your approaches, your choices or make recommendations to enable you to respond effectively to the needs of your customers.

The DOVIT team can also assist you in the realization of costing and, more importantly, in the realization of your plans.

At the time of implementation, DOVIT can also assist you, advise you remotely.

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A tailor-made training program

DOVIT provides dedicated training to enable you to be autonomous in the implementation of your projects and meet all the demands and needs of users. DOVIT offers basic training to discover home automation as advanced training giving access to internal certifications.

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Close support close to you

Beyond a punctual and immediate assistance, DOVIT is at your side to assist you in the project management of your projects. On request, DOVIT can also advise you to guarantee your customers a commissioning made with the very best standards.

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A structured and organized after-sales service

DOVIT has the will to ensure a quality after-sales service with as objectives the efficiency and the speed. In addition to a 2-year guarantee on all its products, DOVIT organizes its after-sales service through an online tool reserved for installers.

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A professional home automation solution

As an installer, if you opt for the DOVIT solution, you are guaranteed to offer a scalable, ergonomic home automation system that has the major characteristics of safety and reliability.

With DOVIT, you offer a hybrid technology that allows you to connect a maximum number of devices.

With DOVIT, housing can evolve over time and adapt, at any moment, to the activity of the family, its pace and lifestyle or simply its evolution.

Your business asset? A solution "without constraint" that offers: a thrifty, secure, comfortable while being fun and easy to use for the whole family.