Hybrid intruder alarm system

The DO.Security range consists of wired and wireless bidirectional intruder alarm units, as well as accessories (wired and wireless). These devices are required for the realisation of a certified internal, peripheral and external intruder alarm system.

Home automation security interface

Native integration on the home automation platform of all common functions.
For example: sensors, sectors, alarms, diagnostic information etc

Certified systems:


Integration in the DOVIT home automation platform with IP plug (RP512IP0000A EN50131 Grade 3 Environmental Class II, EN50131-10 SPT Type Z, EN50136-1, EN50136-2 C)


Pro line plants> EN50131 to Grade 3, EN50131 to Grade 2 and IMQ to level 3


Units from the « light » line Grade 2EN50131 standard, level 2 IMQ


DO.Security products are designed, developed by RISCO GROUP Ltd and certified compatible with DOVIT.


World leader in security solutions, RISCO Group designs, manufactures and markets wired, wireless and hybrid intrusion systems for the protection of residential and commercial structures.

RISCO products are suitable for any installation, from the simplest to an alarm reception center, thanks to the very large series of sensors and accessories, as well as to the integration software and the control systems to which we have access.

ProSys Plus and LightSys trademarks are the property of RISCO GROUP Ltd.