Home automation systems always at the forefront

DO.Link is the heart of the evolution for the integration of connected objects and third party services in the DOVIT home automation platform.

By choosing to integrate the Dovit infrastructure at the heart of your residential projects, you offer future end users a scalable solution that is open to the world of connected objects.

Functionalities already available in the Dovit platform:

Voice control

Voice control of lights and scenarios in the Dovit application thanks to compatibility with Google Home and Alexa connected speakers.

Connected objects

Integration of connected objects via the IFTTT platform


Spotify Premium account control


Find out which IoT licenses are compatible with the Smart Home Dovit solution.

Google Home

Control the lights and scenarios created from the Dovit application by voice with the Google Home connected speakers or by interacting with the Google Home application.


Control the lights and scenarios created from the Dovit application by voice with the speakers connected to Amazon Alexa or by interacting with the Alexa application.


Receive all notifications from your home automation system also on the Telegram application.

Pilot connected objects and/or create your own automated applications perfectly adapted to the needs of your users.

Any device or scenario connected to the Smart Home Dovit system can be defined as an action to be executed ("That") through the IFTTT "Webhooks" service.

IFTTT integrates many devices that can be viewed on their website: https://ifttt.com/services

Are you a resident of a Smart Home Dovit?

To order and install these licenses on your installation, please contact your home automation integrator.