Home automation systems always at the forefront

DO.Link is the heart of the evolution for the integration of connected objects and third-party services in the DOVIT home automation platform.


In order for buildings benefiting from a DOVIT installation to always be up-to-date, our R & D department is constantly working on the integration of SMART systems: new protocols, services and new IoT connected objects (Internet of Things) etc.

Thanks to the know-how of the DOVIT R & D teams, it is possible to develop specific integration drivers according to the needs of each project.


Smart Home functionnalities


Functionnalities already available in the DOVIT platform:


Voice access to all home automation functions and integration of all connected objects thanks to DOVIT's compatibility with smart speakers (For example Google Home Assistant)


Multimedia: Control with Spotify Cloud Libraries


Integration of wireless multizone systems (For example Sonos or Bose)


Some examples of tailor-made services that can be integrated into the DOVIT platform:

Home automation management

Management via DO.App or directly via the DO.Touch web services screen (eg hubs for booking a fast food at home, a taxi or a maintenance service) and smart city (eg car or bike sharing).


Integration of third-party alarm, audio-video and HVAC systems not yet supported by the DOVIT platform.