The heart of the DOVIT home automation platform

DO.Control is an effective tool for configuring and managing different technologies within a single system.

Home automation server DOVIT


Management, supervision and control
of all applications


Status and functions are updated, stored and sent in real time to a single graphical user interface (available in native iOS or Android application or "Desktop" browser).


Continuity of use of all applications,
even off the network


The DOVIT server guarantees secure, confidential and fast access to the management graphical interface, both on-site and remotely via the Internet.


Customizable programming


The DOVIT system makes it possible to activate several functions in a single action via the creation of customized scenarios (control logic, time delay, time programmer, etc.).

What easily achieve savings by communicating intelligently energy production equipment (heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, boilers, air conditioners ...) with solar protection equipment (blinds, shutters, sun breezes, banne ...) .

For security, it is also possible to configure presence and dissuasion simulation scenarios, for example by activating, in the event of an intrusion, the functions of lighting, audio-video, shutters, etc


Intercommunication between formerly incompatible technologies


The integration server DOVIT allows different technologies to interact intelligently with each other.

As a result, the system is scalable, without brand constraints, and ensures fast, reliable and consistent connections.