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Our difference?

A hybrid technology that allows to connect a maximum of devices. And for the end user, the guarantee of being able to evolve his home automation in time, according to his needs without constraint of mark or model. With DOVIT, housing can evolve over time and adapt, at any moment, to the activity of the family, at its own pace, and its lifestyle or simply its evolution.

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Our ambition?

An energy saving, secure, comfortable habitat while being fun.

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The technological heart of DOVIT was born in 2005 through a platform entirely designed and manufactured in Italy by the company Home Innovation.

Since the beginning, Home Innovation is considered the reference among the products of integration and supervision of home automation.

Over the years, Home Innovation has continued its specialization by expanding its solutions, but also by strengthening its compatibility with a multitude of so-called open and proprietary products most present on the market.

In 2017, DOVIT was born, thanks to the meeting with Promobe, a leader in the European real estate development market. The result of this meeting is a range of products even more optimized for massive use in large real estate projects.

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DOVIT's ambition is to support, with a range of products and services, the construction of modern systems, adapted to the customer's technological preferences and needs, and where all different brands and technologies work in a perfect harmony, ensuring a synergetic integrated system without constraints.

Through a multidisciplinary team, DOVIT designs and implements all its products internally.

Our research and development activity, focused exclusively on home automation products, guarantees solutions at the forefront of technology.

With more than fifteen years of experience in supporting designers and installers and through collaborations with different universities, DOVIT offers a guarantee of know-how.